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Travel to New heaven and New earth

WMSCOG shows how to travel the space The privilege of free traveling the eternal heaven, great universal world will be granted only to those who keep God’s words. New heaven and new earth mean our spiritual home, kingdom of heaven. WMSCOG explained and showed me the vision to go there. […]


Motherhood and Heavenly Mother

1. Motherhood and Heavenly Mother Instinct is a natural tendency for people and animals to behave in a particular way using the knowledge and abilities that they were born with rather than thought or training (oxford dictionary). It is the nature of men to eat food. Likewise, mother acts and protects […]



World Mission Society Church of God I attend has something different from the others in this world. WMSCOG is the only church to believe in Elohim God. It was the very unfamiliar word ‘Elohim God’ I had not ever heard before. The reason for that was I read a word […]