In an era overflowing with disasters, who is the savior?

2023-12-26 14:27
In an era overflowing with disasters, who is the savior?

Christ is the mystery of God. (Colossians 2:2) The Bible tells us that Jesus will come to this earth a second time to save mankind (Hebrews 9:28). Two thousand years ago, only a few people accepted Jesus. Most Jews rejected Jesus. Likewise, many people will not be able to accept the Second Coming Jesus who appears in the last days.

Where does the Second Coming Jesus come? The Bible tells us that the savior is coming to Zion. Zion is the place where the feasts are kept (Isaiah 33:20). Among God's feasts, Zion is the place where the feasts of the New Covenant established by Jesus in the New Testament era are kept. God told us to flee to Zion when disaster strikes in the end times because the savior who will save us will come to Zion (Jer 4:5).

Christ Ahnsahnghong, who brought back the seasons of the new covenant that had disappeared in this era, is our savior. The World Mission Society Church of God, established by Christ Ahnsahnghong, is Zion, the only place that can save humanity.
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  • 2023-12-27 02:00

    God has given us different saviors in each age. God the Father Jehovah in the age of the father, God the Son Jesus Christ in the age of the Son and God the Holy Spirit Ahnsahnghong in the age of Holy Spirit. We must receive protection from Christ Ahnsahnghong who restored the truth in this last age.

  • 2023-12-27 02:47

    The effectiveness of the New Covenant Passover, which passes over disasters, is still valid today. Unfortunately, many people do not want to receive this sure promise.​ Of course, there are reasons for not believing it, but more precisely, it is because I am vaguely confident that such a disaster will not happen to me. All mankind needs God's sure promises.
    That promise is “the New Covenant Passover, where disasters are passed over.”
    The reason we are confident that we are protected from disaster is because the one who promised that protection is God, a supernatural being.
    We thank Heavenly Father Ahn Sang-hong and His Heavenly Mother.

  • 2023-12-27 02:50

    The Bible says that previously recorded history was given for our teaching. If so, the history of being saved from disasters every time the Passover was kept during the Exodus, and the history of being saved by keeping the Passover during the time of Hezekiah, is a lesson that will be fulfilled for us today as well, showing that only those who kept the Passover can be saved on the day of the last disaster. Passover is God's seal that will help us overcome the final disaster.
    This is an era in which God's sealing work has been taking place since World War II. Even God's people can suffer disaster if they do not receive God's seal.

  • 2023-12-27 14:27

    Christ Ahnsahnghong is our God because He let us know the way to live and led us to Zion, the city of refuge.

  • 2023-12-28 13:17

    A man cannot avoid a disaster, such as an earthquake, flood, war, or famine. The Bible tells us how to be protected from a disaster. The way is to observe the Passover. Let us protect ourselves from a disaster by keep the Passover.

  • 2023-12-28 13:25

    If there is a man who fulfill the prophecy of the Bible, he is Saivor. Christ Ahnsahnghong fulfilled the prophecy about 2nd coming Jesus. We must follow him by staying in Zion.

  • 2023-12-28 07:34

    The Bible clearly says that we must keep the Passover of the new covenant to overcome disasters, and it is God in the age of the Holy Spirit who has brought the Passover in this age. In this age, there are many Bible scholars and pastors, but none of them have spoken about the Passover. However, Christ Ahnsahnghong was the only one who brought the Passover. It is very clear that He is the God of the Holy Spirit whom the Bible testifies about.

  • 2023-12-28 13:38

    Ahn Sang-hong, who came as Christ of Advent in this era, is our God!

  • 2024-01-01 11:26

    Bible prophecies that God dwells in Zion where God celebrates his feasts. And, Christ Ahnsahnghong established Zion and grants us Passover that is only way to escape from disaster in Zion, so he is our savior in this age.

  • 2024-01-01 13:24

    In times of disaster and catastrophe, God, the savior, says that he is coming to Zion.
    We must be able to gather in Zion, where God comes to keep the passover, which God established.

  • 2024-01-01 13:44

    Jesus told us about important feasts that protect us from disasters. That is Passover. Passover is a commandment of God that must be kept.

  • 2024-01-01 13:47

    The Bible tells us that we must flee to Zion, which protects the season before the last disaster.
    God gave eternal life in Zion.
    So those who gather in Zion are saved.
    Let us all gather in Zion to receive God and be saved!

  • 2024-01-01 13:48

    Salvation is given only by God.The only ones who will come as saviors in this final age of the Holy Spirit and give us forgiveness of sins and eternal life are Christ Ahnsahnghong and the Mother of New Jerusalem, who are the Holy Spirit and the bride.

  • 2024-01-01 13:50

    We often hear the news of disasters in this age. As time goes by, these disasters are happening more frequently. However, it was already prophesied in the Bible. The most important fact that we should not ignore is God's way of salvation for God's people. God did not just warn people about disasters that were prophesied in the Bible. God let us know the way of receiving God's protection. That is receiving God's seal through the feasts of God, that most churches are not observing. We should celebrate the feasts of God at the appointed place. Let us come to the Spirit and the Bride, who are calling us to come and receive the protection of God.

  • 2024-02-18 09:34

    The Bible prophesied that many disasters would occur in the last days. In this situation, whom should we seek? The Bible says that there is a place to flee to. It's Zion where God's dwelling place. In the last age, the Spirit and the Bride are the Saviors and give us the water of life, eternal life. Let's go to the Spirit and the Bride and escape disasters by receiving the water of life!