a person who fears God

2024-01-02 23:24
a person who fears God

Only those who fear God can enter heaven. Why? Fearing God means following Him with awe. God established commandments so that mankind could be saved. Those who fear God follow God’s commandments. The Bible says that God's commandments are God's feasts, such as the Sabbath and Passover.

Pharaoh, king of Egypt, did not fear God. He feared God for a while when the disaster struck, but when the disaster passed, he broke his promise. This is because they did not truly fear God. Those who fear God have a fearful heart and obey the word of God even if a disaster occurs. Finally, Pharaoh feared God only after experiencing the tenth plague that destroyed his firstborn son.

If he does not fear God, he will be punished. A wise person is one who obeys the word of God before receiving punishment. So Solomon also said that fearing God is a person’s duty.
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  • 2024-01-03 09:13

    Amen! Fearing God means loving God with all our hearts by keeping God's feasts. God said, "If you love me keep my commands." in John 14:15. So we can show our love to God through the commands of God. We must keep God's commandments like the Sabbath Day and Passover to enter the kingdom of heaven.

  • 2024-01-04 12:13

    Amen! We dare not measure God's ability. It is one's duty to fear and respect God, the creator of the whole universe. We must realize how grateful it is that such an almighty God is with us in this land. Because God loved us so much, he came to this land in the flesh, covering everything up.

  • 2024-01-04 12:22

    Amen! There are still many disasters. We have to rely only on God for protecting us from disasters.

  • 2024-01-04 13:04

    Amen! God has power and authority to give a life or destroy the all things. When we fear God and follow him, we can be protected by God from all disasters. This is because that only God has power to protect us! Then, how canwe follow him? We can follow him by keeping the truth of the Bible such as Passover and Sabbath! Let's keep the God's commandments and safe in God!

  • 2024-01-04 13:36

    I will never forget to fear God. Anyone who forgets to fear God will never be saved.

  • 2024-01-04 13:37

    Always, wherever I am, I will fear God and live according to God’s will.

  • 2024-01-04 13:40

    He said that fearing God and keeping his commands are the foundation of man! Only those who carefully keep the commandments of the new covenant given for our salvation are those who fear God!! We are God’s people who are saved from the final disaster!! Let’s go together to the Church of God that keeps the New Covenant~♡

  • 2024-01-04 13:28

    Many people in this world say, "There is no God. I am God." After they die, they will tremble in front of the judgment and beg for their lives. Let's not regret it and live a life of wisdom in awe of God. Oh, of course, those who say there is no heavenly mother should be prepared for judgment.

  • 2024-01-04 13:35

    I will be a child who fears God and follows God's commandments!

  • 2024-01-04 13:43

    Men's duty is to fear God.

  • 2024-01-04 13:40

    We should fear God who saves us. God gives us God's commandments. When we keep the truth of the New Covenant and follow God's words, we can receive salvation and return to the kingdom of heaven.

  • 2024-01-04 13:42

    God is almighty and lead us to blessed path. So, let's fear God and follow God's teachings especially God's commandments.

  • 2024-01-04 13:45

    A person who fears God will carefully keep God's commandments. The Church of God observes God's commandments, such as the Sabbath and Passover, with the fear of God.

  • 2024-01-04 13:53

    Let's keep God's commandments and show him our love.

  • 2024-01-06 12:30

    Thanks to Father and Mother for letting us to have true faith in God.

  • 2024-02-19 04:36

    Amen. We should fear God of course. God is Almighty and He has the authority to save people or to destroy souls. We are sinners who committed grave sins in heaven. For these sinners, God came to the earth and allowed us to enter the kingdom of heaven. We should revere God by keeping the will of God, and the commandments of God. Thanks to God the Father and God the Mother for teaching me this fact.