The Gospel of the Kingdom of God Is the Good News

2024-02-22 05:24
Jesus came to us and preached the gospel of the kingdom of heaven.

It is Good News because we can be saved through it.

So, his disciples also preached his gospel to the world like Jesus did.

Likewise, the members of the Church of God have been preaching the Good News.

It is both the teaching of Jesus and the teaching of Christ Ahnsahnghong.

Therefore, let's preach the Good News to the world and enter heaven together!
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  • 2024-02-22 08:15

    amen. We must follow our Heavenly Father’s example and fulfill our mission to spread the good news to many people.

  • 2024-02-22 14:18

    The core of the gospel that Jesus came and preached is Passover of the New Covenant. The church that keeps the Passover and the regulations of the New Covenant is the only WMSCOG.