Jesus and the Apostles Kept the Sabbath day

2023-05-25 09:55


There are many people in the world who believe in God. They are all worshiping God on Sunday.
But the Bible tells us through Jesus and the apostles that the day of worship to God is the Sabbath.

He[Jesus] went to Nazareth, where he had
been brought up, and on the Sabbath day
he went into the synagogue,
as was his custom.
And he stood up to read.
[Luke 4:16]

Our Savior Jesus kept the Sabbath in his custom.

As his custom was, Paul went into the synagogue,
and on three Sabbath days he reasoned
with them from the Scripture.
[Act 17:2]

Every Sabbath he(Paul)
reasoned in the synagogue,
trying to persuade Jews and Greeks.
[Act 18:4]

Apostle Paul kept the Sabbath
according to Jesus' example.

Therefore, if we want to go to kingdom of heaven and recieve eternal life,
we must keep the Sabbath holy,
following the examples of Christ and the apostles.
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  • 2023-05-26 05:21

    The WMSCOG is keeping the new covenant Sabbath according to Jthe word of God.
    I really hope that all the mankind worshiping God on the right day Sabbath.
    and follow true God
    our God the Father and God the Mother.

    • 2023-06-03 12:23

      Only WMSCOG keeps the biblical Sabbath day according to God's teaching.
      Come to WMSCOG and keep the Sabbath day!

  • 2023-05-26 05:35

    Jesus kept the Sabbath as His custom, and the apostles too kept the Sabbath as their custom.
    Therefore, we must keep the Sabbath holy, following the examples of Christ and the apostles.
    Let us all keep the Sabbath day, receive God’s blessing, and enter the eternal kingdom of heaven.

  • 2023-05-26 09:19

    When we keep the Sabbath, blessings are guaranteed according to the promise of God. But, many people are ignorant about the importance of the Sabbath and don't keep it. besides, those who believe in God worship on Sunday, not Saturday. The Biblical Sabbath is on Saturday, not Sunday. As Jesus and His disciples kept the Sabbath, the seventh day holy, we should keep the Sabbath holy.

  • 2023-05-29 14:48

    Jesus said that He had set an example so that we should do as He had done for us. So we must do the things that Jesus did for our salvation, which are the gospel. Keeping the Sabbath day is also one of the examples that Jesus set for us. Therefore, those who claim to believe in Jesus Christ must keep the Sabbath day following His example. However, surprisingly, many Christians do not keep the Sabbath but rather insist that they don’t have to keep it because it was abolished. Actually, there’s not any record in the Bible that the worship day was changed from the Sabbath day to Sunday. We should realize that those who observe Sunday service, worship God in vain as well as profane God(Ez 22:26, Mt 15:7~9).

  • 2023-05-30 13:04

    Jesus came as the way and the life and the truth. His deeds are examples to show us how we can be saved. When he came back again, he reminded us of his deeds and his teachings. He is Christ Ahnsahnghong who taught us Jesus' Sabbath and Jesus' Passover.

  • 2023-05-30 13:20

    The Sabbath is a symbol between God and God's people. The people who believe in God, must observe the Sabbath that God has observed. Only then we can be saved by God. God said that only those who observe the Sabbath to the end of the day can go to heaven. Today, WMSCOG is the only one who keeps the Sabbath.

  • 2023-05-30 13:34

    Jesus who was the savior in the age of the Son kept the Sabbath day as his custom with his disciples. And also following their teaching, Apostle Paul also kept the Sabbath day and preached the gospel in the synagogue. However, as time goes by, Those who kept the Sabbath day regarded as heresy and disapeared from the world.
    However! Christ Ahnsahnghong restored Sabbath day and we can keep his teaching. And also, WMSCOG is the only church which keep the sabbath day according to the bible. Through the Sabbath day, We can receive numerous blessing spiritually and be God's people. We will keep the Sabbath till the end 🙂

  • 2023-05-30 13:36

    Can we say that we are children of God if we do not believe in and follow the words of Jesus, whom we believe as our savior? Also, if Paul, who most people want to imitate as a Christian, kept the Sabbath that Jesus kept, there would be no reason not to keep the Sabbath. The God we believe in wants us to follow His commandments perfectly. We only have one life. Shouldn't we look carefully and find out?

  • 2023-05-30 13:37

    I feel sorry for those who don’t know and can’t keep the Sabbath exactly in the Bible.
    I feel foolish and sorry for those who keep Sunday worship, which has no eternal life and cannot go to heaven.
    I am grateful that I can go to heaven after receiving eternal life by keeping the Sabbath established by God.
    I should not be alone in receiving the blessings of the Sabbath, but I should work hard to receive them together.

  • 2023-05-30 13:38

    I came to know that the Sunday worship that many people observe today does not testify in the Bible.
    We also learned that we must keep the Sabbath, which Jesus set an example for and the apostles kept.
    It is Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother who have taught us the truth of the Sabbath.
    I hope we can receive great blessings by properly observing the Sabbath, which is testified in the Bible.
    And I have to inform many people who still don't know.

  • 2023-05-30 13:38

    The Bible says that those who shut their eyes to the keeping of God's Sabbaths profane God. If you believe in God, you should have faith in keeping the Sabbath of the New covenant.

  • 2023-05-30 13:36

    The seventh-day Sabbath is Saturday, and those who remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy will receive the blessing of eternal rest from God.
    As a child of Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong, who is God Elohim, and Heavenly Jerusalem Mother, I hope to keep the Sabbath until the end of the world and enter the eternal Kingdom of Heaven.

  • 2023-05-30 13:38

    In order to practice the way of the new covenant that Jesus taught us when he came to this earth, we must keep the Sabbath of the new covenant, not Sunday worship.

  • 2023-05-30 13:38

    The Bible tells us that we must worship on the Sabbath, not on Sunday.
    Jesus kept the Sabbath, and the apostles also kept the Sabbath.
    If you believe in Jesus, you must keep the Sabbath that Jesus kept.

  • 2023-05-30 13:47

    Some people say that the Sabbath was abolished, but in the New Testament time, Jesus and the apostles keep the Sabbath. Therefore, we must keep it, too.

  • 2023-05-30 13:52

    The Sabbath day is a lasting ordinance to commemorate for the generations to come. So Jesus Himself set example by keeping it so that we can follow in accordance with His example. Even after Jesus' crucifixion, apostle Paul kept it because He always followed Jesus' examples.
    Considering Matthew 22:20, we must keep the Sabbath day, not Sunday until the end of the world. The Sabbath day is a sign between God and His ppl, so the members of the Church of God are truly God's ppl acknowledged by God.

  • 2023-05-30 13:55

    Many churches keep Sunday, but the World Mission Society Church of God holds services on Saturday. It is to keep the Sabbath that Jesus and the apostles kept. Are those who truly believe in Jesus really those who keep Sunday or those who keep the Sabbath on Saturday? Through the Bible, it is said that Jesus Himself held worship on Saturday so that those who believed in Him would follow Him. Then, those who worship on the Sabbath on Saturday are truly believers in Jesus. We must come to the World Mission Society Church of God that follows the Bible.

  • 2023-05-30 13:55

    Jesus kept the Sabbath day. We also have to keep the Sabbath day.

  • 2023-06-01 06:06

    right. The Sabbath is the day to worship God. The Sabbath, which is Saturday, is the truth in the Bible.

  • 2023-06-01 12:48

    Worshiping God means that we obey God following God's law. God commanded us to keep the Sabbath on the every Seventh day.
    So we must worship on the Sabbath day, not on the day appointed by man.

  • 2023-06-09 10:56

    2,000 years ago, Jesus came to this earth for save us as Savior. The teachings of Jesus contain the will to save us. That's why Jesus said he set an example for us to do. Since the gospel life of Jesus Christ is an example for us, we must follow the example of Jesus and keep the Sabbath of the new covenant holy. When we do that, we can receive the blessings that God has promised. As Christians, we must observe the biblical Sabbath, as taught by Jesus.