Longing for Eternity

2024-03-24 02:35
Maybe longing for eternity is natural to human.

Then, how do we have it? There is God's way, but it can be hard and difficult.

However, the saints of the early church also endured the obstacles because they knew the value.

The eternity isn't a simple thing, and the glory is incomparable to anything.

So, the members of the Church of God also can give thanks for everything they are faced.

[Ecclesiastes 3:10–11]
I have seen the burden God has laid on the human race.
He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; . . .

[2 Corinthians 4:16–17]
Therefore we do not lose heart. . . . For our light and momentary troubles
are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.
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  • 2024-03-25 14:08

    No matter what difficulties you face, you can win. We have the strength to overcome it because we believe that Father God and Mother God will grant us heaven.

  • 2024-03-27 13:00

    The desire for eternity is from God. This allows us to find God who possesses eternity. God can be found through the Bible. We must keep the Passover of the New Covenant to get eternal life. And it is God who allows us the Passover.

  • 2024-03-27 11:08

    Let's endure and overcome any hardships, because God is with us!

  • 2024-03-27 13:04

    We should not give up heaven no matter what the hard work is. I should repent and return to beautiful heaven during the golden opportunity given by my heavenly father and mother.

  • 2024-03-27 13:05

    We will become children who spread the gospel of heaven while looking at the irreplaceable glory of heaven. We thank Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother.

  • 2024-03-27 13:11

    Everyone wants eternal life, but physical life is limited. However, when the physical life ends, the life of the soul exists. We must prepare for the life of the soul. Those who lived according to God's will on this earth will enjoy eternal life, but those who did not will be judged according to their actions.

  • 2024-03-27 14:56

    We have not only physical life but also life of soul. Let's prepare for eternal life in heaven with faith of God.

  • 2024-03-28 11:31

    We don't know when we die butwe hope to live forever if we can. God made us receive eternal life by Passover God established with the sacrifice

  • 2024-03-30 21:10

    To go back to kingdom of heaven, we have to overcome any problems.