The Cross & the Sacrifice of Christ

Jia Kwon
2024-04-07 14:05

Today the cross has become a symbol of the church.

However, nowhere in the Bible does it say to set up the cross,

and it is nothing more than an idol.

Those who worship idols like the cross can never be saved.

Therefore, we must never make the cross and

set it up or bow down to it or worship it.

Rather, we must keep the Passover of the New Covenant that

Jesus established with his blood, which was spilled on the cross.

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  • 2024-04-11 12:11

    Where was Jesus lifted up ,On the this age, we are saved through Jesus' suffering on the cross.
    It is the blood of Jesus Christ that saves us.To be saved, we should keep the new covenant established by the blood of Christ.

  • 2024-04-12 09:04

    Throughout the dark ages of religion, all the truths of the Early Church disappeared.
    Sabbath worship was changed to Sunday worship in AD 321, and Passover was abolished through the Council of Nicaea in AD 325. Instead of Passover, Satan accepted the pagan doctrine of commemorating the birthday of Jesus by creating Christmas in AD 354.
    In addition, cross were erected in churches and became a symbol of the church.
    Although it was prophesied that it would be accomplished by Satan, who opposes God, it is prophesied that it will eventually pass in the future and the Most High God will return and restore it.

  • 2024-04-12 09:07

    When we think of church, everyone thinks of the cross, but there is no cross in God's church. The early church founded by Jesus and attended by the apostles not only never erected a cross, but there was no doctrine regarding the cross as an object or symbol of faith. This is because erecting a cross and attaching meaning to it is itself an act that goes against the second of the Ten Commandments, “Do not worship idols.” Historically, the cross has been a symbol of various ancient pagan religious beliefs. At the time of Jesus, it was also a death sentence. This was introduced into the church during the church's secularization process. The Church of God rejects the image of the cross because it is an idol, and values the significance of Christ's sacrifice on the cross and His precious blood.

  • 2024-06-01 08:26

    We should not repeat the foolishness of the Israelites who worshiped the bronze serpent for over 800 years, believing that the brass serpent itself had the power to save them, but we should be thankful for the sacrifice of God who gave us eternal life through the precious blood of Jesus shed on the cross. .