If there is a dad, there has to be a mom, too.

2023-06-16 14:56
Many people in the world believe in God.
Many of them are calling God "God the Father.
So what about "God the Mother?
God showed us existence of God the mother through the logic of life in the world.
Beasts in the fields, birds in the sky, fishes in the water, just like they have a father and a mother,
there are God the Father and God the Mother together in the lives of our souls.
In order to our soul get eternal life, we must trust not only God the Father but also God the Mother.
Wmscog is the only one who believes in God the Mother.
I hope you to meet God the Mother and be received eternal life and saved.


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  • 2023-06-17 13:59

    The existence of children is essential for a father to exist. Also, having children means that mothers exist.

  • 2023-06-17 12:35

    When we see all things created by God, we can fully understand there must be God the Mother as well as God the Father. Just as all living creatures receive life from their fathers and mothers, so our spirits receive eternal life from God the Father and God the Mother. There must be God the Mother who gives us eternal life. Let's believe in God the Father and God the Mother to receive eternal life.

  • 2023-06-18 06:26

    The word 'Father' goes together with the word 'Mother'. If there is a father, it is natural that there is a mother as well. Through the creatures in this world, we can understand that there exists not only God the Father but also God the Mother. God made all creatures like this with His will in order to let us know the God who we must know to receive salvation and eternal life. So, no one can have excuse. I hope all people around the world realize this truth and believe in God the Mother as well as God the Father.

  • 2023-06-18 11:50

    Of course, God showed us his divine nature through all the living beings in the world.
    There is no creatures who were born without mother. That is what God made for us to understand his divine nature.
    Many christian know only God the Father, But though the living creature, God plainly shows us the existence of God the Mother.
    Why did not know this so far? Because She is the last secret of the bible and prophesied to appear in the last day.
    let's receive God the Mother and get the eternal life from Her.

  • 2023-06-18 15:30

    A complete family is a father and mother together.
    There are no children without mother.
    Thus the existence of our soul means we have spiritual Mother, God the mother

  • 2023-06-18 16:00

    Mother not only gives life to her children but also brings them up.
    The earthly system is a copy and shadow is the heavenly system. What does the existence of mothers show us? Just as our physical mother bears her children and nurtures them, our Spiritual mother gives Her children eternal life. Meeting Heavenly Mother is so much blessing for us. I hope we all believe in Heavenly Mother whom the Bible testifies so that we can live in the Kingdom of grace within God.

  • 2023-06-19 02:11

    Family system is always same in all the creature. But not only on this earth, heavenly family system is same because it's the reality of earthly things.

  • 2023-06-19 14:39

    God made the invisible world (the kingdom of heaven) known to us through the visible world. Just as there are father, mother, and children in the earthly family, there are Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother, and Heavenly Children in the Heavenly Family.

    • 2023-06-20 04:00

      We can easily understand the existence of God the Mother through the earthly family. To be God's children we must believe in not only God the Father but also God the Mother.

  • 2023-08-16 06:36

    Just as the earthly family has a father, his son and daughter, and a mother, so the spiritual family has God the Father, His sons and daughters, and God the Mother as well.
    WMSCOG believes not only God the Father but also God the Mother.

  • 2023-09-23 13:31

    Right. In the earthly family, there is the mother who gives life to children. So, in the heavenly family, there is God the Mother who gives life to the heavenly children. Come to WMSCOG, meet the God the Mother, and go to the heaven!!