One who belongs to God

2023-08-03 14:35
If we are God's people, we must follow God's words. Especially for God's people, worship is one of the most basic things. Do you know what the 4th commandment of the Ten Commandments is? It is 'Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy'.

Exodus 20:8~11

"Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the LORD your God....For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.


We, the people of God, must remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy according to this words. When we do that, we can be blessed and made holy. By the way, why do many Christians not keep the Sabbath? And why do they say they believe in God?
The Bible gives a clear answer to that.

John 8:47

Whoever belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God.


God's people listen to God's words. To remember the Sabbath and keep it holy is God's words and commandment. The reason they do not hear the words is that they do not belong to God. In other words, they are not the people of God. No matter how much they believe in God with their lips, God does not acknowledge them as His people. Can those who are not the people of God receive the blessing of salvation? Absolutely not!
Those who keep the Sabbath are God's people who will be blessed and made holy. Let's keep the Sabbath and enter the kingdom of heaven!
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  • 2023-08-04 15:12

    Anyone who believe in God must, of course, follow God's commandments. God ordered the Sabbath day to be established as the fourth commandment of the Ten Commandments and keep it holy until the end of the world. He also made the Sabbath day as a symbol between God and God's people. Therefore, anyone who believes in God must observe the Sabbath day, and only those who observe the Sabbath acknowledge that God is the God's people. Today, WMSCOG is the only church that fully observes God's commandment, the Sabbath day.

  • 2023-08-05 12:22

    Only God's people can keep the Sabbath day.
    The Biblical Sabbath day is Saturday, not Sunday.
    Today, only World Mission Society Church of God keeps the Sabbath day.
    Come to WMSCOG and keep the Sabbath day to receive blessing from God.

  • 2023-08-04 09:38

    Right. I am so blessed to hear God's voice.
    The bible said "my sheep listen to my voice".
    Those who hear God's voice are the children of God and allowed to enter the kingdom of heaven. Thanks to Father and Mother for allowing me to hear your voice.

  • 2023-08-06 13:44

    The Bible prophesied that those who would be saved obey God's commandments. God's people listen to God's voice. It means they follow wherever God leads to. God commanded us to keep the Sabbath and the Passover of the New Covenant. If we want to belong to God, we must keep God's commandments. Let's keep the laws of God diligently so that we can be blessed by God and belong to God.

  • 2023-08-06 14:54

    You can tell by one 'the Sabbath' those who God's people.

  • 2023-08-07 12:55

    Every country has a king and people, and the king governs the people with laws.
    Therefore, citizens of a country must abide by the laws of that country.
    If someone does not obey the laws, he cannot live in the country.
    The Sabbath is God's law to acknowledge that we are God's people.
    Also, the Bible says that not keeping the Sabbath is evil.
    Let us keep the Sabbath and enter the eternal kingdom of heaven as God's people.

  • 2023-08-07 13:05

    Those who belong to God are bound to do God's work. Because they cherish God and believe in him as the creator. It is more so when it is painful or sad, and the same is true when it is happy and joyful. Life itself throughout the day is full of the word of God and obedience of commandments. Therefore, of course, the Sabbath is observed and God's festivals, including Passover, are observed. This place where the Sabbath and God's festivals are observed is called Zion because God is with his children. Therefore, those who live in Zion are those who will enter heaven with God.

  • 2023-08-07 13:40

    We must keep the Sabbath, the sign of God's people!

  • 2023-08-07 13:34

    Church of God members are who belong to God
    because they keep the Sabbath

  • 2023-08-07 13:53

    God Elohim admit that we're the children of God the Creators and are beloning to Them. The ones to belong to Heavenly Parents are acknowledged as Their gospel workers to preach the New Covenant.

  • 2023-08-08 13:42

    I am so blessed cause I can hear God's voice and follow God's will.
    And also, it is written in Rev, those who will be saved in the last day hear God's voice and keep God's command instead of command of man.
    The law and command of God will make our soul revived and be like a honey.
    So more we keep God's command, our soul will be more blessed and purified.
    Thanks to father and mother for leading me in zion.

  • 2023-08-08 12:58

    One who belongs to God is he who listens to God and keep God's words. Do you keep the Sabbath and the Passover of the new covenant? If then, you belong to God. Do you believe in God the Mother following Christ Ahnsahnghong's testimony about her? If then, you belong to God.

  • 2023-08-08 13:45

    God’s people have to obey the word of God. Let’s keep the feast of God!

  • 2023-08-08 13:47

    This is what God said "My sheep listen to my voice." So those who believe in God who will save them always obey the words of God. Likewise we, the members of the Church of God keep the Sabbath day since God commanded us to observe it. And God acknowledges us as His people and blesses us abundantly so that we can participate in the eternal Sabbath. As you know the Sabbath day is a sign between God and His people, so Elohim God who commanded us to keep the Sabbath day are truly our God who saves us and we are Their people.
    Thanks to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother for letting us your voice.

  • 2023-08-09 12:44

    Let's keep the Sabbath and enter the kingdom of heaven!

  • 2023-08-09 13:42

    Those who love God are those who keep His commandments. Those who truly keep the Sabbath day are the ones who love God, not just with their lips. The Sabbath in the Bible is Saturday, not Sunday.

  • 2023-08-09 13:41

    Those who belong to God keeps God's laws in the Bible. They know the Sabbath and new covenant Passover

  • 2023-08-09 13:40

    Many Christians keep the Sunday, but it's not a God's day. Let's keep the sabbath holy and go to the heaven!

  • 2023-08-09 13:39

    When we keep the Sabbath day, we can become God's true people.

  • 2023-08-09 13:40

    Please listen to God's words and receive the blessing.

  • 2023-08-09 13:39

    Of course, those who keep the feasts of God belong to God. The Sabbath and Passover are God's truth!!

  • 2023-08-09 13:39

    We can go to Heaven when we do what God has commanded us. we must keep the Sabbath because we believe in the power of God the Creator, and we must celebrate the Passover because we believe in Christ.

  • 2023-08-09 13:38

    People follow their old habits rather than the Word of God. Obviously, God said to keep the seventh-day Sabbath, but longtime Sunday worshipers think that's right.

  • 2023-08-09 13:38

    The Sabbath is God's commandment ~ God's people must keep it ~ Worship God on the seventh day Sabbath, Saturday, according to the Bible, and receive overflowing blessings ~

  • 2023-08-09 13:39

    God certainly said that "Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy".
    So if we believe in God, we must keep the Sabbath day.

  • 2023-08-09 14:06

    The Sabbath is an ordinance that only God's people can keep.

  • 2023-08-10 10:20

    We must obey the word of God whatever God’s says.Then we can enter the kingdom of the heaven.

  • 2023-08-09 13:38

    As God’s people we must listen to God.
    We have to keep the Passover and Sabbath day instead of keeping Christmas and Sunday service.

  • 2023-08-10 13:23

    The way to discern whether a person belongs to God is to check whether he obeys God's words. It is because the Bible says that whoever belongs to God hears what God says. For example, what about those who violate God's commandment to remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy and keep Sunday worship services? Since God said the Sabbath is a sign between God and His people, those who keep Sunday worship instead of the Sabbath are definitely not God's people. If so, who do they belong to? Their identity can be confirmed in 1 John 2:3-4 and John 8:44 in the Bible.

  • 2023-08-10 13:37

    The Sabbath is an important worship day. God wants you to keep the Sabbath. If you keep the Sabbath day, you can go to heaven.

  • 2023-08-10 13:38

    It is not only important to know the Sabbath. It's important to practice it. The church that keeps the Sabbath day holy according to the Bible is the Church of God. Therefore, the Church of God belongs to God. If we are the people of God, we must keep the Sabbath. Please come to WMSCOG, keep the Sabbath, and receive the promised blessings!

  • 2023-08-10 13:38

    God's people who believe in God must observe God's commandment, the Sabbath. If you want to go to heaven as a people of God, let's keep the Sabbath! Come to the church of God, where the Sabbath is observed according to the Bible

  • 2023-08-10 13:38

    We cannot know whether one who belongs to God or not by outward appearance. However, we can recognize God's people who belong to God through the Bible. The Bible testifies that those who keep the new covenant, such as the Sabbath and the Passover, are God's people.

  • 2023-08-10 13:38

    Those who listen to God's words are God's people.
    When we see the Bible's teaching, keeping the Sabbath is God's words.
    Whoever wants to be God's people keep the Sabbath which is Saturday.

  • 2023-08-16 15:00

    The Sabbath is the sign of God's people! The Sabbath is so important. It is important to keep the correct day of worship listed in the Bible.

  • 2023-08-17 00:33

    Whoever belong to God hears what God says. We have to obey word of God absolutely.