The reason why we give thank to God the Father and God the Mother

2023-09-17 07:24
WMSCOG is practicing teaching of the bible and God.

Among many teachings, let’s think about thanks to God.

Why do we have to give thanks to God?
  1. We are saved from sin and death.
  2. God promised us to bring us to the kingdom of heaven
  3. God forgives all our sins.
  4. God loves us so much
  5. God the Father let us know the God the Mother who is taking care of us even at this moment.
  6. We have brothers and sisters who are connected with the love of Passover and having same difficulties while living in this sinful world.
  7. God dwells in us, so do we.
  8. God let us know the truth, Sabbath and 7 feasts in 3 times, which we are blessed by keeping it sincerely.
  9. God sacrificed himself for us even twice.
  10. God allowed us the new songs to remind us heaven
  11. God made this earth so beautifully where sinners dwells.
  12. We can be protected from disaster.
Beside this, there are numerous reasons to be always thankful to God.

How do you think so?

During the prayer weeks for the atonement.  Let’s look back our life having gratitude and repentance so that God are pleased with us all the more.

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  • 2023-09-19 06:28

    God came down to this earth to save our souls that were destined to die, by forgiving all of our sins. Thinking of God's grace and salvation, we should always speak words of thanks in our daily life.

  • 2023-09-17 14:56

    Amen. I am happy that God saved me from hell, thankful for letting me enter Heaven, and grateful for letting me know the truth of Father and Mother!!

  • 2023-09-19 13:00

    I thank God the Father and God the Mother for always taking care of us with love.
    Today again, God endured, forgave, and waited even though we were sinners worthy of death.
    Thank you for God's love for always loving and protecting us.
    I'm full of things to be thankful for from 1 to 10,
    but I think I always forget about gratitude under the excuse of being busy.
    Please help me be a child who always don't forget to be grateful.
    Please guide me not to forget that every moment of each day is due to the grace of God the Father and God the Mother.

  • 2023-09-19 13:30

    There is already enough reason to be thankful because you saved a life that would not go to heaven. I am truly grateful and very happy to God the Father and God the Mother for giving me the precious grace of salvation. ❤️

  • 2023-09-19 12:50

    God the Father and God the Mother gave us all blessings of heaven through their sacrifice. We give all thanks to Father and Mother forever and ever!

  • 2023-09-19 13:35

    Thanks to God the Father and God the Mother for give us Salvation through the sacrifice of God.

  • 2023-09-19 13:43

    Actually, we are spiritually the prodigal sons and daughters who rebelled against all authority of God.
    Nevertheless, our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother who are Elohim God forgave us and opened the way of heavenly home for us. We were sinners destined to die some day but by God's grace, we came to return to glorious heaven as the heirs of God. How can we thank God enough ? So to please our Heavenly Father and Mother, we should do what our Elohim God teach by repenting our sins with thanksful mind and preach Their love and sacrifice across the world.

  • 2023-09-19 13:38

    Whenever we think of God's grace, we automatically thanks and praise to God from the heart.
    Even at this moment, God the Mother is staying with us in this world, leaving her glorious throne in heaven and praying day and night.
    By her sacrifice, we are saved from the devil who are trying to tempt us to take us to hell.
    Therefore, we need to thanks to God even when we are having a hardship and difficulties. This hardship is also God's gift to make us stronger more and more.

  • 2023-09-21 12:14

    Thanks to God the Father and God the Mother gave us salvation.

  • 2023-09-21 13:38

    I am happy that God has helped me realize the true God and give me the eternal life. And I am thankful that God is always with me. In our lives, we must give thanks to God even for the smallest thing. We need never forget that we are in a position where we should always be thankful. Let's give thanks to God always even for little things.

  • 2023-09-21 13:37

    Since we've received the great blessing of salvation from God, we should always be thankful and happy in everything.
    Let us give thanks to God for everything even though we encounter obstacles, hardships and sufferings in our lives.

  • 2023-09-21 14:28

    Amen! Let us give thanks to God even for little things. Thanks to Father and Mother

  • 2023-09-21 13:23

    If we realize our spiritual situation, we have so many reasons to be thankful to God. If we do not receive forgiveness of sins through the Passover, our souls are doomed to go to hell. I give infinite thanks, glory, and praise to Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong, who restored the Passover, and to Heavenly Mother, who guides us on the path to the kingdom of heaven.

  • 2023-09-21 13:22

    “Give thanks to God in all circumstances.” This is God’s will for us. Actually, there are countless reasons to give thanks to God. In addition to the reasons the writer mentioned above, we can find many reasons to be thankful. God created us, gave us life, and gave us all the environment and materials we need to live for free... However, in many cases, we forget to thank God. Without realizing that even if God were to eliminate just one element called oxygen, which makes up this world, everything would be destroyed and life would be lost....

  • 2023-09-21 14:03

    God the Father was killed instead of us because of our sins and gave us his eternal life by the covenant of the Passover. His second coming happened to restore the Passover and he preached it for 37 years. Our heavenly Mother is living a painful life for our salvation. We should thank them forever more.

  • 2023-09-25 13:39

    As sinners, all we can give to God is gratitude.

  • 2023-09-27 14:57

    I thank Father and Mother for saving me through the truth of the new covenant.

  • 2023-12-07 13:32

    Originally, the place we should have gone was hell. God created a beautiful prison called Earth for us. The sun, the moon, the water, the sky, the earth, and even Jupiter exist for us. Everything that we breathe, eat, and drink here is a miracle. That's why we should thank our heavenly father and heavenly mother for everything.

  • 2023-12-07 13:32

    I will become a person who lives a life of gratitude every day.
    Every day is a time of blessings given to me by God.
    God saved us from death and allowed us to accumulate blessings in heaven.
    God saved us from any disaster by keeping the Passover.
    To prevent us from being lonely, God gave us a lot of loving heavenly family.
    I am truly grateful to Father God and Mother God.

  • 2023-12-07 13:32

    We are the happiest people who are loved by God.
    Who gives us this happiness?
    We've received the happiness through God who has come in the flesh to save us.

  • 2023-12-07 13:32

    I am infinitely grateful to God the Father and God the Mother who came to this earth in human form to save us.

  • 2023-12-07 13:33

    I'm so blessed to have the honor to enter heaven with God the Father and God the Mother in this age!

  • 2023-12-07 13:33

    I am happy to know Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother. I thank God for making me God's child.