This writing is my friend’s story – “WMSCOG Videos made me feel different.”

I met a friend of mine a few weeks ago. I like her because she is so kind and has warm heart. I didn’t know that she attended church, on that day she was so excited.She was proud of her church and told me that her church received the UK Queen’s Award. “The UK Queen’s Award??” I was so curious about what she said. So I asked to her “What is the UK Queen’s Award??…. What church do you belong to?”

She said the name of the church is “WMSCOG (World Mission Society Church of God). The UK Queen’s Award is to recognize an outstanding contribution to UK. So, WMSCOG received the UK Queen’s Award for voluntary Service and the honor of MBE(Member of the Most Excellent Order of The British Empire). These days, I needed some friends to talk, so, I tried to go to church. I was looking for a trustworthy church. I thought WMSCOG was better than other churches because they received honorable award.


I promised to go to the church and I wanted to see the church is good or not! 2 weeks later, I met her and go to the church. While heading for the church she showed me WMSCOG Video.

Before this video, I think that church is just boring and calm place. But it’s different! According to this WMSCOG video, the UK Queen’s Award is so honorable in UK where value honor. It is the most prestigious award for voluntary service to 2.2 billion peoples in 53 member states of the British Commonwealth. So, awardee must have been benefiting local communities with a minimum of three years of continued volunteer services. And through thorough and rigorous assessment  for several years, and after the Queen’s formal approval, the award is given to groups that receive support and respect from residents. WMSCOG is the only religious group among the awardees in 2016. It’s so remarkable! I understood her pride and began to envy her.

WMSCOG Video - Many people
So many people are there, and all are smiling!


I went to the Church of God and found beautiful buildings and people full with smile. I didn’t expect that church can be so beautiful and kind. So, I was fascinated!

I attended worship with her a few days later. I came to like the sermon. I thought Bible study is somewhat tedious, but it is not! I like the clean church and kind people also. I was just embarrassed about different things…..there are something different from other churches. But I want to study the Bible and know God’s Words more and more. So, I decided to attend this church and I came to be this church! I fell in love with this church!


  1. Wow the Church of God gets UK queen’s award. It’s so amazing and I’m proud of WMSCOG.

  2. Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother welcomes you so very much^^~ including our heavenly brothers and sisters^^

  3. I’m so proud of being a member of WMSCOG, which practices every teaching of God the Mother.

  4. I heard about the Queen’s Award but I didn’t know it is such a great award. I’m really pleased WMSCOG gets this award!

    • Yeah!! Queen’s award has much authority and glory. It’s because people follow only teachings of Elohim God, so the society wants to reward about it. I am very proud of WMSCOG which I belong to!

  5. It is really worthy thing they received the Queen’s award. There must be the reason they got it. Congrats!

    • 빛사랑이라별

      A lot of people around the world will agree, not everyone gets the Queen’s Award! It is even more amazing that the church received it! There is something special in the Church of God. It is the love and teachings of God Elohim who has shown to us. If you come to the Church of God, you will experience it! God bless you🙂

  6. Wow it’s amazing church got Queen’s award! The standards are so strict. I can imagine how hard they did works! Congratulations!

    • Awesome!! As the members of the WMSCOG, I am so proud of it!! And I hope that every people who see this come to WMSCOG and learn the truth!!

  7. No wonder wmscog got the prize of Queen.
    Keep up the good work ???

  8. No wonder wmscog got the prize of Queen.
    Keep up the good work ???

  9. I am so proud that I am part of this church which the world recognizes. Thanks to God

    • Me, too!! Church of God is the One church which God dwell and grant us eternal life. So I am so proud of this church!! Thanks to God!!

  10. I heard WMSCOG has done a lot of volunteer works around our community like clean-up campaigns.

    • Yes!! World Mission Society Church of God is amazing church which follows the teachings of God according to the Bible. There are truth as well as good deeds. Please come and visit here~

  11. The Church of God is filled with the grace of God.

  12. Thesedays church doesn’t care of others. Sometimes it is used by other usages. This wmscog plays important role which is churches’ original role toward the world.

    • Yes!! It’s amazing church!! Because God dwells in this church, God grants this church glory through many awards and people who wants to receive truth.

  13. We are the children of Elohim God. We can share the love of God by following the teachings of God.

  14. It is so amazing. WMSCOG is the best!!

  15. only true church where God is in can get Queen’s Award!

  16. Let’s delivers the love of God the Mother

  17. Queen’s award is one of the awards which is very hard to receive. It is a result of WMSCOG member’s good deeds in long period. Thanks to Elohim God!

    • Yes!! All of that comes from the good example of Elohim God, God the Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother who are our Saviors in this age!! I am very proud of Them above all!!

  18. It is possible in only WMSCOG, because WMSCOG is true church, God establised!

  19. I saw that the heavens declare the glory of God. Church of God is the last church of promise

  20. I was also impressed at the news about winning Queen’s award!
    Although I don’t know the Bible perfectly, but what I know is the Church of God and its members are trustworthy. So I like this church.

  21. Amen. I’m so proud that I’m the member of WMSCOG. God’s glory shines briliantly in whole world.

  22. I think…. WMSCOG is truth church. Really It’s amazing!!!

  23. Thanks to Father and Mother for allowing this kind of honor. We just followed Your teachings and You let us rewarded. All glories and praise be upon You!!

  24. Wonderful World Mission Society Church of God! This can be possible because Church of God is established by God.

  25. They are something different from others. Their appearance , speaking, attitudes. . . many things look better.

  26. Although there are many Christians on earth, it is hard to find those who try to follow the true love of God. These people sincery practice the love of God. They are worth it!♡

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