1. Motherhood and Heavenly Mother

Instinct is a natural tendency for people and animals to behave in a particular way using the knowledge and abilities that they were born with rather than thought or training (oxford dictionary). It is the nature of men to eat food. Likewise, mother acts and protects for her child without any special reason. Maternal instinct is the natural tendency that a mother has to behave or react in a particular way. It is the intrinsic feature of the women. New mom distinguishes her baby crying among many babies in the newborn nursery. It’s an instinctive reaction. Why does God grant all mothers maternal instinct?  God let us know heavenly Mother’s great love and sacrifice through physical mother.


2. Mother’s body in motion when having a baby.

We believe that one of the most miraculous processes in the human body is how a mother’s body interacts with a baby’s during pregnancy. Unless you’re starring in alien, the general rule about organ development is that all of your organs are formed in utero, and that’s the set you live with. There aren’t too many instances of new organs or organ-like substances appearing on a whim. But there is one big exception: the placenta. Here’s how the magic works. After conception, the blastocyst(the fertilized egg) meanders to the end of your Fallopian tube and enters your uterus, searching for the uterine wall. This trip is the most dangerous trip any human being ever takes, because if the blastocyst does not implant successfully within seven days of conception, the uterine lining will be shed, and you’ll never ever know you were pregnant . If it does, the placenta will begin to form at the point of attachment. The blastocyst is made up of two layers: an inner cell mass and an outer layer. The inner cell mass is what becomes the embryo; the outer layer is what forms the fetal side of the placenta. The placenta is responsible for the exchange of all nutrients and waste products between the mother and fetus. About the same time that the placenta is forming, our hormones stimulate the inside layer of our uterus. However, a baby’s immune system isn’t fully developed before birth, so it needs a hand from mom, who passes her own immune-system warriors, called antibodies, through the placenta. Interestingly, it even turns out that some cells from mom slip through the placenta to teach the baby’s cells how to tolerate foreign antigens-diplomatic cells. Immunity granted. It’s  Mom’s first gift.

3. Mother’s suffering when having a baby

However, as you undergo this radical change, you will experience plenty of pain.  While all mechanical side effects that you may experience during pregnancy have a variety of causes, there does seem to be a common link among them : a hormone called relaxin. Relaxin does just what you’d think it does: It relaxes. Most important, it relaxes the intrauterine ligaments. Why? Because if you don’t increase flexibility down in your fetus’s living quarters over the next forty weeks, trying to grow a baby in the uterus would be like trying to squeeze a mountain lion into a file cabinet. Mother’s body needs flexibility so the uterus and pelvis can accommodate a baby that will grow from a couple of cells to the size of a mid-sized watermelon.

As you might imagine, that relaxation effect isn’t limited to mother’s uterus. Relaxin also relaxes other parts of hers body, like hers arteries, which have to handle hers increased blood volume without sending hers blood pressure through the roof. That’s a good thing. Do you really want everything to go all loosey-goosey? For instance, what happens when the muscle that prevents stomach acid from creeping back into hers esophagus starts to let down its guard? Acid reflux, when acid from the stomach that helps break down food percolates up into hers esophagus, is pretty darn common during pregnancy. When mother having a baby, pregnancy must feel a lot like she is working the twenty-four-hour shift at parcel delivery service company. She is carrying a big load, and her back takes the brunt of the pressure-especially as the weight of the baby and the increased size of her breasts want to pull she forward, putting more pressure on her spine. The additional weight and gravity actually slows down the circulation of both blood and other fluids so she experiences edema. Furthermore, mother endure severe pain for baby.

4. The existence of Heavenly Mother

For 280 days, a baby’s hands, feet, eyes, and ears form within his mother’s womb. When the time comes, the mother will give to her child, shedding blood. We are given life through our mother’s great pain. How about our spiritual life? Just as our physical life was given to us through our physical mother, our spiritual life is given to us through our spiritual mother. The Bible clearly testifies that our heavenly Mother exists, and that only our heavenly Mother can give us eternal life.

Gen 1:26-27 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness…” So God created mankind in his own image of God he created him; male and female he created them.

Mankind was created in the image of God, male and female. It means there is a male image of God as well as a female image of God. As you know, we have called upon the male image of God “God the Father” Jesus taught He is our heavenly Father.

Mt 6:9-10 “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Then how should we call the female image of God? The apostle Paul testified God the Mother exists.

Gal 4:26 But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother.

5. Heavenly mother who give us spiritual life.

Apostle Paul testified that we are the children of promise, the children of the free woman, because we have been the promise of eternal life from our heavenly Mother.

Gal 4:28  Now you, brothers and sisters, like Isaac, are children of promise.

1Jn 2:25 And this is what he promised us—eternal life.

Gal 4:31 Therefore, brothers, we are not children of the slave woman, but of the free woman.

We cannot have eternal life without heavenly Mother.

Rev 22:17 The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.

The Bible concludes Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother say “come” and they give us the eternal life.



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26 Responses

  1. Cathy says:

    We can’t measure the great love of God the Mother for heavenly children.

  2. Angela says:

    I am a mother of three. When my youngest was 6 years old and the second was 7. They were both playing together having fun with lego. I was walking around and cleaning our place. At that time we lived in a small apartment five stories high with no elevator. As I was cleaning I went to go throw some trash out. I was downstairs, outside of the apartment and I heard my 7 year old son screaming from the top of his lungs from the balcony, “mom! Mom! Aidan’s choking from lego!!”. As soon as I heard that my heart was pounding and I have never walked up those five flight of stairs that fast from the four years I’ve been living there. The love, power and instinct that mothers have to their children is immeasurable. Even for human mothers it’s naturally that way, how much more can it be for our Heavenly Mother! There is no way in our entire life we can fathom Her love. I greatly Thank our Heavenly Mother with all heart, with all my life.

  3. Steffi says:

    Wow! Truly the love of mothers are immeasurable! Even before birth, they have sacrificed soo much! After birth, they sacrificed even more!
    Through the great love of mothers, I believe that our Heavenly Mother truly exist!
    Heavenly Mother love us even much much more, that She came to earth for us!
    How wonderful, how deep, how high & how vast is the love of our Heavenly Mother!

    • Grace lee says:

      Yes, right! I all agree with you.
      Mother’s love is so deep and wide more than anything else. We can’t measure.
      Thanks to Heavenly Mother who giving us eternal love.

  4. Sarah-Kim says:

    Unconditional love of our physical mother is just a shadow of our Heavenly Mother’s. And even we cannot fathom our physical mother’s love and sacrifice then how our Heavenly Mother’s are!! I only give thanks to Mother from the bottom of my heart.

  5. Rin says:

    The Bible testified Heavenly Mother exists. The maternal instinct is reflected the love of God the Mother. We can’t imagine God the Mother’s love for us.

  6. noeleden says:

    Motherhood is curious but we can understand easily through God the mother.

  7. Claudia says:

    We are born of love. Love is our mother. Heavenly Mother is Love Herself.

  8. Remington says:

    My Heavenly Mother who endures all the pain that I can not even imagine only for Her child’s eternal life and happiness …I give sincere gratitude and eternal glory for her noble love and great sacrifice.

  9. csara says:

    The world without a mother is unimaginable. I knew the world through my mother and realized what is ‘the love’ through my mother . How can I explain me except for my mother! Never! Likewise, we can not account for the great love of God except for the heavenly mother.

  10. Remington says:

    Elohim God who made me realize and accept the Heavenly Mother so naturally.. I sincerely appreciate it.
    The Bible clearly states that our Heavenly Father and our Heavenly Mother should come to the end to give their children eternal life. I can never deny this fact.

  11. csara says:

    Motherhood, that is the gift of God to let us know the heavenly mother.

  12. Dennis says:

    God made all creature by his will. Every mother suffers by having baby but overcomes it. It means that our Heavenly Mother suffers but she really loves us and endures all the sufferings. Let’s think about Heavenly Mother’s infinite love:)

  13. serena says:

    Heavenly Mother is the source of all love, life and salvation.

  14. szaz says:

    The Bible testifies both our spiritual Father and spiritual Mother. Ppl must not cover this Biblical fact with the “Mystery of the Bible” any longer.

  15. Sarah says:

    How amazing it is! Mother is vital to child. Siritual Mother is vital to us, spiritual children. Since the Bible calls us children of God, God exists as our spiritual Father and Mother.

  16. Niyan says:

    Heavenly Mother ‘s love is great and can not be give as much as it is loved. Thank to mother.

  17. Dina says:

    Whenever I think of mother, I feel warm in my heart naturally.
    Maybe God intentionally make every person have that mind to let us understand Heavenly Mother easily!

  18. gfm says:

    We recieve the life through our mother. Likewise, without God the Mother, we cannot recieve eternal life.

  19. Eins says:

    Who can be more blessed than those who are being loved by Heavenly Mother? Members of the WMSCOG are being loved even by God the Mother in the flesh!

  20. Joice says:

    Thinking about Heavenly Mother makes my heart warm.
    And my mom, too~:-)

  21. john says:

    The reason why that earthly mother’s love is great is because Heavenly mother’s love is great.
    Heavenly mother, she is our spiritual mother and source of eternal life.

  22. Julia says:

    It’s amazing! God has already shown God the Mother’s existence and love through physical mothers on the earth.

  23. NJ says:

    Heavenly Mother is the origin of Motherly love and all mothers on earth who created by Her image (the female image of God) sacrifice herselves for their children as Heavenly Mother does.
    I give thanks to Heavenly Mother for giving us love and eternal life.

  24. Eden says:

    Everyone has their own mothers and knows how much their mothers love and sacrifice for them. This is the will of God to make known to us the love and sacrifice of our heavenly Mother, the Mother of our spirits.

  25. noeleden says:

    I always feel my mother’s love.
    She always sacrifices herself and does everything for me.
    Her existence makes me know how great heavenly mother’s love is.
    I really thank for meeting and realizing her.
    I hope many people also realize her and receive the eternal life.

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