WMSCOG Sermon-Praying Hearts, Praying Hands!

Understanding through WMSCOG Sermon

I want to share my understanding of the importance of prayer through WMSCOG sermon. Do you pray God for something? I, a member of the WMSCOG, also pray what I want Elohim God. A few days ago, I heard that WMSCOG sermon Youtube channel opened. The first one is ‘Praying Hands, Praying Hearts’. While watching sermon, I felt that I was so blessed to be with Elohim God who always pray for me. You’ll be excited when you come to know the fact that someone is praying for you. But, ever prayed for your family or friends, continuously?

General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol emphasized the importance of prayer mentioning Albrecht Durer’s masterpiece ‘Praying Hands’.

Episode with Albrecht Durer

Have you ever heard about Albrecht Durer, a famous German painter of the German Renaissance? Or, about the masterpiece ‘Praying Hands’? ‘Praying Hands’ is one of Durer’s works. Born in Nuremberg, Durer established his reputation across Europe in his twenties.

Albrecht Dürer - Praying Hands / WMSCOG Sermon praying hands, praying heart
Albrecht Dürer – Praying Hands, 1508
Watching WMSCOG sermon, I wondered that ‘Praying Hands’ is Durer’s masterpiece. I’ve seen this work through a pictorial magazine. In my opinion, ‘Praying Hands’ was just a rough drawing, not so great. But, hearing the episode with ‘Praying Hands’, I thought that truly it is masterpiece!

Durer sketched his best friend’s hands, who had supported him to study art. Durer and his friend were too poor to learn something. His friend decided to support Durer by working. At last, Durer’s name became famous for his works across Europe. Durer thought that it was his turn! When Durer visited his friend, he found his friend praying for him! Durer was so moved that his friend has supported him with earnest prayer.

To outward seeming, ‘Praying Hands’ is not so beautiful, but contains earnest. Durer realized that his friend’s earnest prayer was the cornerstone of his success.

Prayer, the breath of the spirit

This WMSCOG Sermon truly reminds me of the importance of prayer. As General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol preached, prayer is the breath of the spirit. People all live by breathing. Likewise, those who believe in God can live by praying. We, God’s children, can talk with God through prayer. And, the act of praying is essential!

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.~with the belt of truth ~take up the shield of faith~ the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayer~.

Thanks to Elohim God to allow me this understanding. I hope to be a good gospel worker to preach the good news to 7 billion people!


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