WMSCOG General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol, invited to the UN CERF High-Level Conference

Recently General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol of WMSCOG gave a speech in the UN CERF high-level conference with the representatives from 29 countries, which was held on 13 December 2016, attended by 29 countries. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon attended the conference before his retirement. The World Mission Society Church of God is the first church to be invited. And it has an opportunity to make an address according to Lisa Doughten, the Chief of the UN’s CERF secretariat.

United Nations CERF High Level Conference 2017

WMSCOG general pastor Kim joo-choel(Second from right) with United Nations

About ‘the United Nations’ and ‘CERF’

The UN, the United Nations is an intergovernmental organization to promote international co-operation, which was established on 24 October 1945 after World War II. At its founding, it had 51 member states and now there are 193 countries and its headquarters of the United Nations is in Manhattan, New York City.
The objectives are to maintain international peace and security, to promote human rights, to foster social and economic development, to protect the environment, and to provide humanitarian aid in cases of famine, natural disaster, etc.
CERF, the Central Emergency Response Fund is a humanitarian fund established by the United Nations General Assembly on December 15, 2005 and launched in March 2006. Its objectives are to promote early action and response to reduce loss of life, to enhance response to time-critical requirements and to strengthen core elements of humanitarian response to help those affected by natural disasters, armed conflicts and other humanitarian emergencies.


When Did the relationship with the UN Start?

The relationship between the Church of God and the United States dates back to 2010, that General Pastor Kim visited the UN Headquarters and delivered a donation to aid Haiti earthquake victims. He donated $100,000 to the CERF, saying, “The members of the Church of God want to help our global neighbors with the heart of Mother, the greatest love of all.” and the CERF officials expressed their sincere gratitude, “We were very moved by the good will of all the members of the Church and their working together to make this world a better place.”


Among His Speech, I found mother’s love

“Dear UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and the distinguished members. My name is Kim Joo-cheol and I’m the General Pastor of the World Mission Society Church of God. …
All these Church of God’s humanitarian activities were originated from the heart of Mother. And we believe UN takes care of the whole world with the heart of the Mother. ….. Thank you very much. God bless the UN.”

Kim Joo-choel made UN CERF High level conference

WMSCOG General Pastor Kim joo-choel made a speech at the UN CERF High level conference

Church of God, recognized as a Beautiful Companion to UN

The Church of God has been recognized by UN as a good partner for human rights and helping neighbors. Also the congregation takes care of the underprivileged people, closely interacting with them, as the light of the world and salt following Elohim God’s teaching; ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’.
The UN CERF has something in common with the Church of God; both are like-minded in pursuing an ultimate goal to save the people in need. It is going with UN as the beautiful companion, practicing the love of Heavenly Mother through the voluntary activities and every good deeds.



42 Responses

  1. It is really amazing! I can see God is working with WMSCOG!
    WMSCOG is changing the world with love of God the Mother!

    • Amen! The place where all the beautiful people who accompany God are gathered is the church of God. God bless you!

  2. I agree. The main message of General Pastor is ‘Heavenly Mother’s love’! I think so. Her warm love moved church members to act voluntarily. I want more people to feel Her warm love.

    • And, ‘Heavenly Mother’s Love’ will be delivered to everyone in the world. Those who receives Her love will be comforted in eternal happiness in heaven’s kingdom.

    • Right! No matter where the church is, it has same love and consideration. The church members resemble God the Father and God the Mother.

    • We can be proud of WMSCOG as the members.
      The glory of Elohim God is spreading out to the world.
      God has already predicted it and we are seeing the prediction.
      Furthermore, we need to know we can participate in the blessing.
      I hope all of us don’t miss the glorious blessing.

  3. Wow. It is very honor that the only church is our church be invited in UN’s CERF. All give thanks to father and mother.

  4. It’s wonderful! We can see with our eyes that God has fulfilled what He said through the Bible. All the glories and praises to be upon our Elohim God. 🙂

  5. Giving a speech in the UN CERF is a great thing. And, preaching God the Mother’s glory is more great thing. It must be Elohim God’s work to accelerate the gospel work. Thanks to Elohim God.

  6. Wow this event shows God accomplished the prophecies. One by one no matter what the people know or not. It’s truely amazing. God revealed God Themselves thru many things. I trust God’s work of redemption!

  7. God’s prophecies wait for their own time. No one can delay them. All of them will be fulfilled without fail. Truly, I want to be a good gospel worker among them, not a spectator at all.

    • I am proud of WMSCOG as the member.
      The Church of God is the light and salt of the world.
      They make the world better and try to save people.
      The glory of WMSCOG comes from God the father and God the mother.
      And as the members, we also have to live the right life.

  8. I want more people to receive Elohim God’s gospel. There’ll be more chance to hear the good news from now on. It’s wonderful!

    • I believe that the world will be filled with Elohim God’s gospel before the day comes. The more gospel workers, the more rapidly!

  9. So great ans wonderful thing! I’m proud to be a gospel worker of Elohim God. God the Mother’s glory is being spread to the world in many kinds of ways like this.

  10. In someday, all people will come to know about the WMSCOG and the gospel of the Spirit and the Bride. Who can stop the prophecies of the Bible from being fulfilled? No one in the world!

  11. God allowed to shine the glory of God through the UN Cerf conference.
    It is really a great chance to preach about truth!

  12. UN cerf is not easy conference to present something as church members especially. wmscog is ,I think , remarkable and wonderful. And they are pure to help world people in need. Really amazing!

    • Right! God’s plans will take place in their own time without failing. If we believe and carry out our mission, then, we’ll be among the prophecies!

  13. People will be more surprised than this thing in this year. So many gospel workers are trying to follow God the Mother’s will throughout the world!

  14. As a member of church of god, I am so proud to hear this great news! I will do my best to give glory to father and mother by doing small good things:)

  15. I am so happy and proud to be in church of God. I will try to change myself to a better person resembling father and mother:)

  16. Church of God is trying to make the world healthier. I was impressed by the speech of the vision and efforts for world.

  17. I am so proud of the members of the Church of God who practice the good teachings of Elohim god ♡

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