I am a firm believer and a member of the WMSCOG. I believe in the existence of God the Mother, Mother of love, who is testified in the Bible. I was a person who didn’t believe in the existence of God, any god, in fact, I used to hate God. I used to think if God existed, why are all of these terrible things happening in this world? Why do I have an incomplete family? Why… Until after I found out about God the Mother, Mother of love, all of that changed completely. And I want to take this chance to share the life of my faith, faith of God the Mother.


My mother was a single mom who raised two children, me and my younger brother. She used to have two jobs working almost day and night. She worked hard to try to feed us and not lacking with anything, buying us everything we needed. She would always make sure everything was in tack. Even though our mother took care of us and raised us well, we on the other hand still wanted more I guess. I knew mom was going through a lot, especially for us. But I was being very rebellious. Many times I would  hang out with my friends late at night and my mom would worry and wait for me until I come home. There were many times she cried because she felt so bad she couldn’t give more to us. There were so many times I broke her heart. And still she would look at us and smile and love us. Mom always gave because mom is love.

God the Mother's love

From my mother’s love, I find God the Mother’s love


Time had passed we became older and more mature. As I got older and older I thought of mom more and more realizing how much she gave. Then one day I got the chance to hear about God the Mother. It was during the time when I was thinking of my mom and how bad I felt for all the heartaches I gave her. I felt incredible love like the love our mom gave us and soon after received God the Mother and became a member of WMSCOG. I felt happiness, joy and love like a child in her mother’s arms but more. I wanted my mom to feel what I felt. I wanted to give her at least a little of what she gave me. So, I told her about God the Mother and decided to invite her to the WMSCOG I attended. She came and smiled through the whole time she was there. I have never seen my mom smile that way, that long, like a child, something to be grasped. I was sure she felt what I felt.

Revelation 22:17  The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!” … and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.

Revelation 21:9~10 … “Come, I will show you the Bride, the wife of the Lamb.”… and showed me the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God.

Galatians 4:26~28 But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and She is our Mother… Now you, brothers, like Isaac, are children of promise.


My mom said this one thing that day that I would never forget and that made me realize so much more. She said,” All of you have great big beautiful smiles like little children, laughing and giggling like one big family, I think it’s because of your God the Mother”. I told her,” She is our Mother”. It is so true. Yes, we do smile and laugh. This is all because of God the Mother. As how my mom gave us laughter and unconditional love, it is exactly the same with our God the Mother and even more. The love and care that our God the Mother gives is eternal. This world is filled with hatred and war against each other because love is vanishing. This is the very most reason why we need to know and receive God the Mother because without Her there is no love. God the Mother is the peace maker and the Mother of all mothers. She is the creator of love, She is Mother of love.



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  1. We should meet God the Mother in this age to receive the water of life.

    Revelation 22:17 The Spirit and the Bride [God the Father and God the Mother] say, “Come!” … and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.

  2. I still remember the day when I studied the Bible about the existence of God the Mother. During studying the Bible, I thought that I was hearing the most important secret in the whole world. I agreed that heavenly Parents have come to the earth to seek Their children.

    • Right, she is the most important secret in the Bible.
      We are living in the age of the Holy Spirit and we need her.
      She has the water of life and we can receive the salvation by her.
      The Bible clearly testifies and we need to know her.
      I hope many people can believe in God the mother and receive the water of life.

  3. I also want to give thanks to God the Mother for me to meet Her. She made me change my thought of my mom. I have not had a good relationship before I have met the Heavenly Mother. Through Her I began to try to consider my mom also love me. God the Mother is the very love.

    • Mother is love. I always feel her love.
      Heavenly mother sacrifices herself because of us.
      We need to know how great her love is. Her love is incomparable to anything.
      I want people can meet God the mother and receive her love.
      You can know about God the mother in Zion. Come to World Mission Society Church of God!

  4. Mother’s love in this world is a shadow and copy of heavenly Mother’s one. Let us render thanksgiving to God the Mother forever ~!

    • Right, mother’s love shows us heavenly mother’s love.
      Heavenly mother is the origin of our life and we can receive the water of life from her.
      The members of the church of God follow her.
      We can know her in the Bible and we can easily understand her.
      So I really hope people can know her.

  5. It’s so touching. It makes me remind Jewish proverb ‘god made mothers because he couldn’t be everywhere’.

    • Right, we can know her in the Bible.
      God the mother exists and she is the origin of the water of life.
      As the heavenly children have to receive it.
      I hope many people can realize heavenly mother.
      Her love is great and valuable.

  6. The love of Mother is amazing and ceaseless. I cannot measure or count of it but just could feel and receive comfort. I think this is amazing for me. I cannot compare this to any other things. I give all thanks and glory to God the Mother who allow me to understand and come to know Her and Her great love. I love You!!

  7. It is so touching story! As there is a saying, “God gives us ‘mother’ instead of Him, because He cannot stay beside us in every minute.” Indeed it is true. I agree with his saying. Through mom, I feel love unchangeable and infinite and being taken good care of. When I visited ‘Mother’s Love Art Exhibition’, some idea came into my mind that mother is love, mother is sacrifice and mother is life. Later on while studying the Bible, I realized all concepts were originated from God the Mother, Who is the origin of love, sacrifice and life. Thanks to God the Mother for all the way loving me in unchangeable way and devoting Herself to taking good care of me.

    • Amen! All children in this world, may have same feeling about their mother. All we are different with each other, but I think our mothers are similar. They give love their children without any compensation and sacrifices for their children.
      This endless love is from God the Mother who our spiritual mother.

  8. Mother!! You are my relief and shelter. Because of You who grant me all your warm love and care, I am here now!! I give all thanks with all my heart to You who lead my soul to eternal heaven. Mother, I miss you so much!! I love You, heavenly Mother!!

  9. I can’t imagine my life without mother who sacrifice herself for me. In the same way, I can’t live without God the mother is true love. Thanks to father and mother

  10. If you , now, do not following God the Mother, then, you are missing what is the most important in your life! What can be more precious that life? If agree, now is the time to seek Her without delay.

  11. God the Mother has come in flesh for our salvation and she is still with us. Just as love and sacrifice of physical mother are great, the love and sacrifice of God the Mother are also the greatest. I hope you find out existence of God the Mother through the bible and receive her.

  12. my mother also spent her life for me through my mother’s sacrifice I can understand easily our heavenly mother’s real sacrifice
    oh mother really thank

  13. God the Mother’s love worked me a miracle! That is, She came to me to help me ‘live forever’ even in heaven’s kingdom. All men cannot but die in the end. However, She comes to me as the source of eternal life!

  14. On the earth, I’m so blessed among people. I’m living a happy life within Mother’s love. Heavenly Mother gave me lots of delights.

    • I was also! I realized that I had nothing before receiving God the Mother in Zion.Thanks to Christ Ahnsahnghong to lead me to Heavenly Mother’s arms.

  15. Heavenly Mother is love itself! Everyday, I do something wrong, but She always forgives me and teaches me with heavenly things.

    • I agree with you. If you want to know what love is, just experience Her love and follow Her example! God the Mother is love itself indeed.

  16. It won’t be so long before all people come to know God the Mother’s coming in the flesh! This good news is being delivered very rapidly to the world. Mo not miss this great opportunity at all!

  17. I cannot fathom how far God the Mother loves us. She left all the glories in heaven and came to this earth only to find Her lost children, actually us, because of our grievous and unpardonable sins. Thank God the Mother for all Your conditional and endless love.

  18. I am happy to meet God the Mother, too. I want to lead many to God the Mother so that they would also feel the same joy and happiness as me.

  19. Do you know that there are God the Mother as well as God the Father in the Bible for us. That is amazing. Today in which we are living, we have to realize God the Mother to receive the eternal life. They are love. Please open your Bible and find Galatians 4:26~28.

  20. I was very happy when I heard about God the mother, because I found the true and boundless love. I hope everyone to hear about her

    • I am also happy when I heard about her.
      I think those who know her are blessed because they can enter heaven.
      So I really hope many people can realize her.
      Thus, we also have to preach her to the world.
      Let’s make the world hear about her. We can do it!

  21. Heavenly Mother’s love always surrounds us, heavenly lost children. We’ll enter heaven’s kingdom with the help of God the Mother!

  22. I was soo amazed to know that I have Heavenly Mother. When I met Heavenly Mother I was even more amazed…. She is true love, true mercy, true kindness, true beauty, true purity. Heavenly Mother is truly divine ?

  23. Even when we forgot the existence of God the Mother and God’s love and sacrifices, God has never forgotten his people and gives us many chances to repent with endless love. So, we can live and feel happiness in God’love. I want to please our God by following the teachings of God.

  24. Heavenly Mother’s love is so deep and infinite. We can see it by seeing all living creatures created by God’s will. Just as the physical mother can do everything for Her children, Heavenly Mother can do everything for Her children to give the eternal life.

  25. Heavenly mother’s love is great and incomparable.
    She is love itself. She came to the earth only because of us.
    We are sinners. Although she wanted us to go the heaven and she came.
    We must know her love and receive the water of life she gives.
    Always remember her love and try to enter heaven.

  26. It’s really touching. I agree that our Heavenly Mother is love itself. Without God the Mother, we would never feel true love. Many people said that God is love. Before I became a member of WMSCOG, I didn’t know what it meant. After realizing the existence of God the Mother and Her sacrifice and love, I now understand God is love. Thanks to God the Father and God the Mother for loving us.

  27. We cannot measure God the Mother’s love for us, God’s children. God the Mother has come in the flesh to this earth to save us. And She takes care of us with Her love and sacrifice. We must follow God the Mother’s teachings with all our heart. Thanks to God the Mother.

    • माता परमेश्वर शांति निर्माता और सभी माताओं की माता हैं। वह प्रेम की निर्माता है, वह प्रेम की माता है।
      जहां स्वर्गीय माता, जो प्रेम है मौजूद है,
      चर्च ऑफ गॉड में आइए।

  28. God the Mother is our source of water of life and salvation. She is the key to know the truth and to enter the kingdom of heaven. We can gain the eternal life through her. Without her, we can never be saved. Let us come to God the Mother.

  29. Heavenly Mother’s love comforts our souls. Even though we have come to this earth by committing grave sins from heaven, She is giving love and salvation.

  30. Amen! we cannot measure the love of God the Mother for our souls. we should follow the teachings of Mother, through which we will be the children of God the Mother and go back to the heaven, receiving the eternal life in Her grace.

  31. Just as our physical mother give un infinite love, our spiritual Mother gives us infinite and everlasting love.
    Even more, God the Mother gives us eternal life and the promise of heaven.

  32. Estoy agradecido por el gran amor de Dios Elohim, que hizo conocer la existencia de la Madre Celestial, el misterio de la Biblia, y me hizo hijo del Padre Celestial y de la Madre Celestial.

  33. In the bible, it is prophesied that the source of water of life is God the Mother. If you believe in and follow God the Mother, we will get the eternal life and go back to our spiritual hometown.

  34. If you believe in God the Father and God the Mother, you will receive the water of life. I am so happy to be in God the Mother, who is the source of love.

  35. God the Mother exists and she is the origin of the Water of life. We can know her in the Bible. As the heavenly children have to receive it. I hope many people can realize Heavenly Mother. Her love is great and valuable. Mother’s love shows us Heavenly Mother’s love. Heavenly Mother is the origin of our life and we can receive the water of life from her. The members of the church of God follow her. We can know her in the Bible and we can easily understand her. So I really hope people can know her.

  36. Thanks to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother for letting us realize how to become Your children. God the Father and God the Mother came to this earth to save us and searched for Your children all over the world. God did not give up on Your children who did not realize it until the very end, and God conveyed Your love to us. We too must become children who repay the love and grace we have received. I hope many people around the world can realize God the Mother and receive abundant Love from Her.

  37. La Biblia nos enseña que la existencia de Dios Madre.
    Algunos piensan que solo debe existir Dios Padre.
    sin embargo, la Biblia da testimonio no solo la existencia de Dios Padre sino Dios Madre.
    Dios Padre y Dios Madre son salvadores en esta época quienes nos dan el agua de la vida, la vida eterna.
    Venga a la Iglesia de Dios Sociedad Misionera Mundial y crea en Dios Padre y Dios Madre para ir al reino de los cielos.

  38. Amen! God the Mother has come to give us the water of life (Revelation 22:17.) Please meet God the Mother in the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) which is Zion where God’s feasts are celebrated (Isaiah 33:20.)

  39. Through love of physical mother, we can realize the love of God the Mother.
    How can we imagine the love of God the Mother!
    God the Mother came to this earth to bring her children to the Heaven.
    Let us truly believe in not only God the Father but also God the Mother.

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