Why didn't I know about Heavenly Mother?

New Life with Heavenly Mother

It’s been almost six years since I settled down here in Manila. Coming to the Philippines was such an excellent opportunity to start up a new life with my lovely kids.  I am a single mother of a boy and a girl, who are now four and six, respectively this year.  They are so much precious to me, and I cannot imagine my life without them. Heavenly Mother may sound quite awkward to everyone, but I would like to take this great opportunity to share God’s beautiful work done to lead me toward Heavenly Mother.

Before Knowing Heavenly Mother, my Life was Uncomfortable

Before coming to the Philippines, I used to work as a missionary in a Presbyterian church in Sydney, Australia.  The church was big enough to hold more than 1000 members in every service, and we were always so proud to be a part of the church.

From a certain point of time, however, I started to feel a little awkward and uncomfortable in the church.  Among many renowned pastors and engaging speakers for some special services, I could not find an even single person whom I believe delivers the right words of God as written in Bible. Even though they were all famous not only locally but internationally, they seemed to speak only about themselves rather than God Almighty.  It was like a well-prepared set off a meal so anyone could come and have it a try, which means the service was more like a show or performance which was far from holy and devotional.

Feeling sick and tired of ungodly and immoral behaviors of those overseers who were thought to work for God, I finally decided to leave my position and came to the Philippines to make a better new life.  In the beginning, nothing mattered at all except some cultural differences, but as time went by, I strongly felt home sick and the severe loneliness; so did my loving children.

First Impression

One day, I met two Philippines in the shopping mall, and they said they wanted to do some questionnaires to me about Heavenly Mother.  When I heard that word, ’Heavenly Mother,’ I thought they were joking around since I have never heard before. More importantly, however, they showed that very exact word in the Bible, which was quite surprising and even shocking.

On the following day, they invited me to their church named, World Mission Society Church of God located in the center of Manila, and which somewhat motivated me to start a Bible study with them on a regular basis whenever the time is allowed. My visiting the church was good in most parts; the people, the atmosphere, the words of God, and so on.

Why didn't I know about Heavenly Mother?

Why didn’t I know about Heavenly Mother?

I found my Real Mother

Just like we have a physical mother at home, we do have a spiritual mother, a Heavenly Mother who bore our spirit.  As for me, the word, “mother” is something as precious as gold since I lost my mom at the age of 20 because of her cancer.  As I studied more about the Heavenly Mother in the Bible, I thought He finally led me to the very true church established by my true Savior.

Making a new life as a foreigner in a different country is quite tough and challenging enough, but now, I am encouraged by Heavenly Mother every day so that I could stay active and firm in God as Her beautiful one.  Today too, I give all thanks and praises to Heavenly Mother for allowing me this excellent chance to share my beautiful realization.



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  1. Truly, all thanks to Heavenly Mother who came to seek us, heavenly lost children. We all had committed grievous sins against You in heaven. Nevertheless, You came to the earth to love us sacrificing Yourself. I want to deliver the good news of Your Coming!

  2. Even physically without mother, it’s uncomfortable and unstable. Likewise, we need ‘Mother’ as well as spiritually. This is common sense!! Plz come to World Mission Society Church of God where Heavenly Mother dwell!!

  3. When I studied about bible. It is said the earthly one is copy and shadow of heavenly one. Mother is also same. Real mother is in heaven. I want to know more about real ones of heaven at wmscog. Exciting!

  4. That’s really true. At first I was also confused about God the mother. But as I studied continually I could fully understand that mother really exists and came to the earth. I love mother!

  5. Although I had been going to the church for about 10 years I have never heard about God the mother! And just now, I had the opportunity to meet her.

  6. Heavenly Mother’s coming brought the light of life to the earth. Within Mother’s arms, I found what to do and where to go. There’ll be no salvation without receiving Her in Zion.

  7. I am so grateful that I have met Heavenly Mother~ I don’t EVER want to leave Her~ Heavenly Mother has taught me true love because she is Mother of all mothers~~

  8. This is it, This is it! I shouted out like this 🙂
    I was so excited at the moment that i found , God the Mother the Mother of our souls in the Bible!

  9. Mother…Elohim God is our savior as spiritual parents! We can depend on heavenly mother, God the mother. Thanks to god.

  10. Amen. I am happy to meet heavenly mother and to receive the love of mother. So, I wanna make mother be happy to find the brothers and sisters.

  11. When we think of Mother, we can feel comfort. Without mother, i cannot imagine the happiness in my life. In my spiritual life too! Thanks to Mother to give us your love.

  12. We had been living our lives without knowing Heavenly Mother but she’s been never forgetting us even this very moment and always caring and praying for us. Thanks to Her for the great love and sacrifice!

  13. Without Heavenly Mother our life is ruined and unhappy. Everything is uncertain. But when we meet Her our life can be changed in a good way. She leads us to Heaven and protects us from harmful things. She is our fortress in the world!

  14. Thank you for your story. I am glad that everyone can share. The story of the saints in the church of God always touches us. It is hard to say how happy it is to find the true church, to realize the truth, and to meet the spiritual parents Elohim God. Thanks to Father and Mother! ANIMO!

  15. I could realize about me through the God the Mother who is my spiritual Mother who leads me to the kingdom of heaven.

  16. Though we are very unfamiliar with Heavenly Mother’s existence so it is hard to acknowledge and receive Her,
    Heavenly Mother has been existing from the beginning and waiting for our coming back to Her arms. I also realize this after i came here in the Church of God. Thanks to Heavenly Mother and Love You!!

  17. Before having belief about Heavenly Mother I didn’t know at all about Her although reading the Bible many times. God has opened my spiritual eyes for me to see the most beautiful and precious treasure hidden in the Bible.

  18. For us, she is not only God, but also our mother. It is a great honor to be a child of God. I am really grateful for this fact.

    • Right, it is a great honor to be Children of Elohim God.
      I think to realize God the mother and God the father is a blessing.
      We can see many people who can’t realize them despite reading the Bible many times.
      We are chosen God’s children and we can have pride in it.
      And we should always be grateful for it! 🙂

  19. I’m so happy that I’m a child of God the Mother who is our real Mother and the source of living water.

  20. Wow..this is exactly what I have experienced in my life. While attending the presbyterian church, I have never felt loved by members of the church maybe because I had nothing to boast of. WMSCOG always gives me the same love, no matter who I am. I know why because they are the true children of God and I am so thankful.

  21. Obviously, My life is different after realizing Heavenly Mother in Bible. I was like spiritual orphan who was lost in heaven but now I meet God the Father and God the Mother through their boundless love and sacrifice.

  22. To know and realize her is God’s blessing because she is our savior.
    Many people don’t know about her but we know as God.
    I really hope they can feel Heavenly mother’s love and come to her.
    She is the origin of the water of life we can receive it from her.
    When you realize her, you will know her great love.

  23. Amem ~amo Deus Mae
    Agradeco a Deus Elohim por me permitirem conhecer a verdade, na verdadeira igreja de Deus.

  24. The Bible clearly testifies about God the Mother. We have to believe in not only God the Father but alsi God the Mother.

  25. We cannot live without Heavenly Mother.
    Thank you for great love and support of God the Mother, who always silently serves us in hidden places and leads us to heaven.

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