Nowadays people say they feel most comfortable when they are alone but in fact they are lonely. They really want to know how to make their family harmonious. To make it, Some say they need conversation each other and respecting and listening to others. While I was searching about family matter in youtube I met wmscogtube.com. So I would like to share very useful information through WMSCOG harmonious family.


In wmscogtube.com, I could see some good videos about harmonious family.  The title is ‘My family was changed through God the Mother’s love(WMSCOG)‘ This is Magdalena’s story. Before attending the World Mission Society Church of God, she didn’t have good relationships with her family, and they never really talked to each other. Through her younger sister they began to talk and then learn how to practice the teachings of Christ.



After that, I’ve met another video about a harmonious family. They are talking about their harmonious family is made through Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother’s teachings. They are all so satisfied with WMSCOG. In them, some important messages exist. That is ‘Heavenly Mother’s teaching’. They love each other and look very happy. They relationship look very harmonious. So, I wanted to share their teachings.

Among Teachings of Mother, some of them I touched as below;

It is more blessed to give love than to receive, as God always gives love … A beautiful mind has no hate, and brings forth a perfect love. …When we praise brothers and sisters, the praise returns to us. As the sea receives all the dirt and purifies it, we should have a broad and beautiful mind enough to cover up even the fault of our brothers and sisters…

Teaching of Mother

Ten commandment of WMSCOG Harmonious Family – Teaching of Mother

I am really really touched of that beautiful teachings of Mother. I think I can make the harmonious family if I follow that teachings. Now I begin to practice some teachings already. First, I tried to praise to my sisters. Then everything is changed. We came to look at each other with smiling eyes. We came to have conversations with happiness, Thanks to teachings of Mother. If anybody tries, many can understand why WMSCOG members have harmonious family.


I think if we follow teaching of mother, then ‘We can make it!’



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  1. God the Mother always teaches us to love each other! Sometimes, it’s not easy to do so. But, I try to love other people to be ‘one’. Her teachings are living water!

  2. The Teaching of Mother does not only help you have a harmonious relationship with your family, it also helps you have a harmonious relationship with your neighbor and workmates.
    If only all the people in the world would try to do and follow theTeachings of Mother, the whole world will be full of love, understading and consideration for other. I believe that these teachings can heal the world. . .

    • There is a prophecy that everything will live wherever the river(the water from Jesalem Mother) flows. Our souls will live through the teachings of Mother.

  3. The members of the World Mission Society Church of God try to share the love of Elohim God with neighbors. After attending the Church, my family became more harmonious than before.

  4. My family also had no conversation before even we had no concern of others. But after I received love from brothers and sisters of wmscog I also could give love. Now my family is filled with love thanks to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother! They let me how to love each other.

  5. I started going to the church for a while now. And I can see myself changing day by day because everybody cares and loves one another. Thanks to God:D

  6. The ‘Teachings of Mother’ is so good. If everyone practices it, we can make the world peaceful like people that made harmonious families in this article.

  7. “Teachings of Mother”…
    It’s so impressive~!! I think I’m gonna make my family harmonious with Teachings of Mother.

  8. God the Mother always wants to lead us to heavenly home. Her teachings are for our salvation. One of them is ‘sharing love’ one another!

  9. I realize harmony of family is caused by Mother’s teaching; our natural personality can be changed by Her precept too. ^^

  10. It is undeniable that everything is going very well provided that we keep teachings of mother in mind and put it into practice by action in our daily routine.

  11. I too try to keep my life focused on the Teachings of Mother and obey them~ Thank You Heavenly Father and Mother for teaching us your good deeds^^

  12. Whenever I see the children with one parent who got divorced, I feel bad and pity on them. How much they are envious of those who have the parents to take care of them. Just as in the Bible, there exist God the Father and God the Mother, the children have the right to be taken care of by their parents. Also God has taught us to do so. We are very happy family members to have Heavenly Parents and glad to show the harmonious family love by the teachings of Heavenly Mother!

  13. Sometimes, I read ‘teachings of Mother’. I want to be faithful to Her leading hoping to be saved in the end. Teachings of Mother have changed me greatly.

    • Our Father and Mother are making us to be changed through the teachings. We can do reborn in God, because our God is leading us to the Heavenly Kingdom.

  14. After going to church of God I always try to follow teachings of mother. And through that I am learning to be thanksful and love each other. Thanks to father and mother.

  15. After going to the church of God, I, my husband and kids are having good times with my family. I can say we have changed alot.

  16. Every Sabbath, I attend the worship with my family. After worship, we all are full of Elohim God’s love. We become ‘refreshed’ and decide to love each other. This is God the Mother’s teaching!

  17. I was very surprised to hear that God gave us earthly family system as a shadow and copy of heavenly family system… ^^

    • Her teachings will lead us to eternal heavenly home! If we are faithful these Teachings, then, we’ll be changed as heavenly ones.

  18. WMSCOG is teaching will of God with the Bible. so I can be renewed into God’s divine nature which is warmness and kindness and so on!

  19. Since we have been receiving perfect love from Heavenly Father and Mother, we can practice genuine love in our families. I’m happy and proud of being the member of the WMSCOG. Amen.

  20. We are following teachings of Mother. Because all members and families in WMSCOG follow God the Mother and learned her love and sacrifice, We love each other. We can not find strife, argument, or hatred in us.

  21. The Church of God teaches us about the family value and pursues unity among family members according to teachings of Elohim God.

  22. Love each other. It is hard to practice. But God the Mother all the time shows us and serve us with sincer heart. I can feel it and try to do like God the Mother. That is why harmonious family is made in love of mother.

  23. While attending the WMSCOG, my family changed little by little! We all try to understand with bright smile within Elohim God.

  24. So many good teachings in the world. However, those cannot give me true comforts and happiness at all. They just came from men who are mortal! On the contrary, Teachings of Mother will lead me to eternal world when I’m faithful them. God the Mother came to me with these Teachings. Sometimes, though it seems to be difficult to keep them, I pray to listen to Her!

  25. A perfect family? Then, there must be a love among them. Of course, each member has to try to be so. Mother’s Teachings were given for this purpose. I think so.

  26. ‘Harmonious family’ will be made when its members love one another. Sometime, there’ll be troubles or other problems. In such cases, ‘Mother’s Teachings’ will help them to be united!

  27. Harmoniuos family makes harmonious world. We have hope for that. God grant us the big hints we can be harmonious each other in family. THANK YOU~

  28. ‘Harmonious family’ is a dream of all people. Happiness comes from this harmonious family. Nowadays, some people are wandering outside home, feeling lonely. No conversation with family members. Just live in the same place without any smile. We can recover again smile through Mother’s love. I’ve learned that God has also heavenly family.

  29. I see Zion families being changed through Mother’s love. In Zion, of course out of Zion, they try to be faithful to Mother’s teaching following Her examples. More smile and happiness than the past!

  30. I meet a lot church of god people because my workplace is near by the church. When they come to my shop, they are always happy and very gentle.

  31. ‘Becoming a harmonious family’ is not difficult, but easy! God the Mother’s Teaching is the solution! If each member tries to serve one another, then, there’ll be always smile, not quarreling.”

  32. We all can conceive the same thing, but difficult to put it into practice.
    ‘Showing love to other people’ is one of them. For this mission, sometimes, we should not hold our own ground. We have to place ourselves in their place. Heavenly Mother teaches us this thing as an example.

    • But, we can do within Elohim God! If we try to keep up with Mother’s Teachings we will be united with warm love! Thanks to Elohim God!

  33. Children resemble their father and mother! When parents smile a bright smile, then, their children also smile! Heavenly Parents always comforts with this warm smile!

  34. We can find the solutions within Elohim God! Elohim God’s love makes us united in love. It’s so great and wonderful!

  35. I sincerely thank you for allowing me to be the child of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother through the truth of the new covenant. ♡

  36. When we follow Teachings of Mother, we can love each other and respect and humble.
    It means we can be perfect family.
    Come to WMSCOG and believe in God the Father and God the Mother, and follow Their teachings.

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