I Invited My Husband to New Song Concert My husband enjoys the music, particularly listening to […]
WMSCOG shows how to travel the space The privilege of free traveling the eternal heaven, great […]
I had been to church on Sundays with my friend. One day she said she came […]
WMSCOG Overseas Visiting Group
New Paradigm of Pilgrimage Have you ever heard about Pilgrimage to Korea? Korea is becoming the […]
Why didn't I know about Heavenly Mother?
New Life with Heavenly Mother It’s been almost six years since I settled down here in […]
Understanding through WMSCOG Sermon I want to share my understanding of the importance of prayer through […]
WMSCOG General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol, invited to the UN CERF High-Level Conference Recently General Pastor Kim […]
To the United Nations CERF? Last year, the UNITED NATIONS CERF invited our church to its […]
I CAME ACROSS ‘ELOHIST’ in WMSCOG Recently I get a new hobby, which is to read […]
WMSCOG Members help recovery
CAME TO KNOW WMSCOG MEMBERS! Hurricane Sandy hit the town where my friend lived a few years […]