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New Paradigm of Pilgrimage

Have you ever heard about Pilgrimage to Korea? Korea is becoming the hot spot for new pilgrimage. Now, I’d like to introduce WMSCOG, over the globalization.


World globalization exceed over religion, race, and nations

WMSCOG Overseas Group's Visiting to Korea - New Paradigm of Pilgrimage

WMSCOG Overseas Group’s Visiting to Korea – New Paradigm of Pilgrimage

People in the world are highly expecting to live in a globalized world regardless of race, nation, and gender. Here, there are people who have torn down boundaries among nations in the name of religion embracing others with a heart of a mother. They are members of  World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG).  The Church of God established 50 years ago in S. Korea. According to the WMSCOG, it currently has 2,500 local churches in over 175 countries. Most of the members are comprised of indigenous people. They all have faith in both God the Father and God the Mother.  The said members observe the Passover, the New Covenant. This includes the Seventh day of Sabbath, which falls on Saturdays, and the seven feasts in three times following Jesus’ s example in the Bible. Such kinds of truths have spread all over the world instantaneously.  The indigenous members are greatly looking forward to setting foot in S. Korea, the place where mother’s love has originated.

Fly over to the Homeland of Mother’ s Love.

Their ultimate purpose to Korea is to learn the sacred teaching of the Bible. Furthermore, they also wish to have a first-hand experience of mother’s love. Based on the Church’ s record, an estimated number of 200-300 overseas members fly over to Korea all at once.  This is an unusual phenomenon in S.Korea to have such massive number visitors from different nations annually at the same time.  In general, the visitors claim that they’ve unleashed the real essence of life and pleasure by indulging in mother’s love. Plausibly, the country has become the fountain of mother’s love for them.  The church stated that their visit Korea to meet the Heavenly Mother in person was already written in the prophecy.

City Tour to Korea palaces, institutes, etc

City Tour to Korea palaces, institutes, etc

Isa 60:8 ” Who are these that fly along like clouds like doves to their nest?”

Surprisingly, in spite of the fact that Europe is known for the original homeland of a Christianity, most of the believers are natives of  Europe, the US, and other Western nations.  In an interview, one European member stated ” The church has given me a clear answer for all about my question-related in the Bible”  He further said ” I ultimately  came to realize what true is…”  ” I’m deeply touched with mother’s love…”  He concluded.  The church recognized how the visiting group had felt. They had had probably high spirits about the date of visit to Korea. So as expected, they were embraced with wide open arms and integrity.  The church so accommodated and looked after the visitors with deep and sincere concern as regards to jet lag or the time difference. They prudently provided the visitors with all the necessities they needed while staying in the country. These included: food, accommodations, local language -speaking guides and vehicles to get them somewhere.  A devoted church staff explained that ” We share one spiritual family in spite of having different race or origin” This is the main reason why Korean members care for the visitors wholeheartedly.

Here is an overview of the overseas visiting group’s itinerary for 10 days.

It started from the Bible, followed by a visit to local churches, and toured around several cities.  But the icing on the cake was the visitors got the opportunity to experience and immerse both in the traditional and modern culture of Korea.  Some of the most frequented sites by the visitors are the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple and Bundang Temple, the Church of God History Museum, Training Institutes. Their visit became the medium of shared brotherly and sisterly love and most especially they realized God’s love all the more.

Time traveling into Korea.

They also came to some iconic tourist sites in the country : such as Hwaseong Fortress, which is renowned as the world’s most beautiful military installation designated as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO, walking along the wall they probably felt king Jeongjo’s filial love for his parents and love for his people when he had it built. Kyungbok palace, which was the royal family’s residence in the Choseon Dynasty. Strolling along the palace they got to see important sites close up such as the imperial throne hall, royal residences, important gates, and pavilions. And Pangyo Techno Valley, etc.

In front of New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple

In front of New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple

Pilgrimage to The Holy Land of the Gospel.

After the Korean War was over in 1953, the country was left in ruins. However, it has grown rapidly which means they could see how the prophecies of the Bible have been accomplished.  It the point of view of the church, all human beings belongs to one family but inhabiting in global villages. The overseas visiting group returned to their back homes with a fresh and determined resolution to spread the gospel to 7 billion others with Mother’s sacred mind. Now the country is acclaimed as the holy land of the gospel. It blows new life into Korea. Why don’t you join WMSCOG Overseas Visitor Group’s Pilgrimage?



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  1. It’s amazing! This is the fulfillment of God’s prophecies. Truly, Korea is the holy land of gospel. Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother have come to Korea according to the Bible. I also want to be among God’s prophecies carrying out my mission as a gospel worker!

  2. I’m surprised to see that many Europeans came to Korea to learn the truth of the Bible, although Europe is the original homeland of christianity.

  3. S.Korea is the holy land of prophecy. Now the time is up to fulfill all the prophecies of last secrets about ELOHIM. And time to go on a pilgrimage for the 2nd coming christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother. Would you join us?

  4. This is quite an interesting article to read!
    Their smiles in the picture look so genuine and yes, they do look so happy in God.:)

  5. I got clear answers about the Bible from the Church of God also. Now I am a member of WMSCOG. I’m so proud of the true church, WMSCOG.

  6. They look happy to visit Korea as the member of overseas visiting group and it is directly contrary to A certain country to issue to travel ban. It’s quite interesting in comparing between two cases.
    Having been inspired by them, who had a fun and unforgettable time in Korea visiting many places, if someone invites me to visit there, I’d like to fly right away. Furthermore holy land! Indeed I become interested in studying about it.

  7. S.Korea is a land of prophecy according to the Bible. So many visited korea for meeting Heavenly Mother who is with us in the flesh, our God.
    How many people can have opportunity to meet God in their lives?
    It’s amazing thing!!
    After realizing the Bible in World Mission Society Church of God who second Coming Jesus, Christ Ahnsahnghong established, everyone wants to meet God who has come to this earth for our salvation.
    So this is amazing!!

  8. I’m an American citizen. Half Korean and half American, born and raised in the states. I love my hometown where my friends and families are. One day out of the blue I decided to come to Korea to live. Now, I have a family of my own and also became a member of the WMSCOG in Korea. Sometimes, I wondered why did I come to Korea, before receiving the truth, leaving all my friends and family. Now, I realize it wasn’t me it was Heavenly Father and Mother who have lead me here. And, I’m so grateful, loved and honored that Father and Mother lead me here to “Mother land” into their arms to become their child. Thank You Heavenly Father and Mother with all my heart.

  9. According to the prophecy in the Bible, today we are living Korea is our spiritual parents’ country. So all people come to Korea to meet God the Mother who gives the eternal life to us. She is love??

  10. A few years ago, I met some of them. They were full of thanks to Elohim God, whatever they say. They were ready to carry out what Elohim God say to them with all their hearts.

  11. Truly the South Korea is the very land of prophecy where the Spirit and the Bride have come for our salvation. Now we are witnessing the fulfillment of the prophecy. Very thankful to Elohim God.

  12. Which church has fulfilled this prophecy of coming many to church these days while many churches close the door? Only the church which has the truth of Heavenly Mother definitely!

  13. According to the Bible, the Spirit and the Bride have come to Korea. Christ Ahnsahnghong will lead us to heaven’s kingdom.

  14. Heavenly brothers and sisters are visiting Korea to meet Heavenly Mother. They also want to please God the Mother with all their hearts. I also want to do what Heavenly Mother will be pleased with in preaching the gospel of the new covenant.

  15. According to the prophecy of the Bible, overseas brothers and sisters have come to Korea to meet God the Mother. They look forward to meet Heavenly Mother who is the source of the Water of Life.

  16. Truly there’s no other church like the World Mission Society Church of God!
    Whenever the member gather, they do not boast about themselves! Rather, they only boast about God, how amazing God’s love is, how amazing the truth in the Bible are!
    It’s really wonderful to be part of this church and to meet my Heavenly Mother!

  17. I give all thanks and glory to my father, Ahn Sang-hong, who came to Korea for the second time, and to the mother of heavenly Jerusalem.

  18. Different races, same mind
    Different nations, same heart
    Different language, same faith
    We are from the love of Mother.

  19. Because there was a prophecy that the Savior would come to the East, Korea became the land of prophecy. The Savior came to Korea and this land became a holy land. We should be children who accept the Savior who came in the flesh in Korea.

  20. WMSCOG has been fullfilling the prophecies of the bible clearly. A lot of people in the world have come to Korea to meet God the Mother because that She dwells in Korea according to the bible.

  21. All the faces in the pictures are so bright! Like those of the 12 disciples who were with Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago.. I guess the people in the pictures above, too, are being with Christ in this age 🙂

  22. My friend asked me, why do you have many foreigners in your church? I said, they come to study Bible in our church. My friend wondered more. Why do they study in their own country? You know, there’s a church in that country. Why do they come so far? I said, creator Heavemly Mother is in Korea. She is the source of life. This is why they are willing to come. This is predicted in the Bible.

  23. We, God’s children, have Heavenly Mother who has come in the flesh so God’s children are visiting Korea to meet Heavenly Mother.

  24. The visitors from Europe or USA where known for the original homeland of a Christianity come to korea to learn the Bible. How is it possible? It is really interesting. The answer is also interesting.

  25. Now WMSCOG has more than 7,000 local churches throughout the whole world. It grows very quickly and more and more people visit Korea to meet God the Mother in the flesh. Amazing! It’s a really God’s work.

  26. The WMSCOG is worldwide and preaching the gospel from the Spirit and the Bride. It’s so amazin to be member of the WMSCOG.

  27. God predicted that people from all over the world would flock to Korea.
    We are looking at the prophecy. The growth of Korea is also God’s prophecy.
    We need to know the prophecies of the bible. Elohim God came to Korea.
    They will save us and we will enter heaven.
    I hope people can believe in Elohim God and participate in God’s prophecies.

  28. It’s so meaningful. Seeing the brothers and sisters shining in the light brings a smile to my face. A mother’s love is the greatest love in the world. Wherever we are, we are one. In Mother’s love, we become more united and one.

  29. Seeing the Zion family coming to Heavenly Mother’s arms from all over the world, I feel that God is still working for us.

  30. Today, many people who believe in God make a pilgrimage to a place called Jerusalem. However, the Bible testifies that there is a spiritual Jerusalem, and that spiritual Jerusalem is the Heavenly Mother.
    As the saying goes to find things of the spirit, not the flesh, many people come to Korea to WMSCOG to meet the mother of our spirits. We are seeing the fulfillment of prophecies recorded in the Bible.

  31. You have to believe in the Heavenly Mother, which the Bible proves, so you can get eternal life and return to heaven.

  32. WMSCOG is the only church that is fulfilled the prophecies of the Bible clearly.
    Come to WMSCOG where God dwells and receive the blessing of eternal life.

  33. No other beautiful thing in the world can be as beautiful as the smile of my heavenly brothers and sisters.
    I will do my best to find my lost brothers and sisters by preaching Heavenly Mother’s love to many people in the world.

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