I believe in God. I confess Jesus is my only God. I assure I already have salvation. I have hope for heaven. One day I’ve got invitation from my close friend to WMSCOG.  That is Mother’s Love Art Exhibition. She has been kind to everybody and really faithful. So I accepted it right away. And then I went there. Now I am leaving my thoughts about the church – WMSCOG reviews.

Mother's love Exhibition @ World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG)

Mother’s love Exhibition @ World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) New York


When I entered  inside the WMSCOG in New York, I could meet some members.  They made me comfortable with bright smile. They looked very kind. As time goes by I felt cozier. About church buildings, arranged very well and so clean. Until leaving I felt quite fresh and agreeable inside it. They must have mother’s mind(She said it to me ? )

While I looked around exhibitions it reminded me my mom. I am also mother of two children. So I could imagine my mom’s heart and sacrifice. Suddenly I burst into tears and I cannot help nothing but weeping. For it’s my first time here, I don’t want to show my mind to them. So, I used handkerchief to swipe tears. It was very touching and moving. I was excited to be here and I wanted to share my experience.

World Mission Society Church of God in New York

World Mission Society Church of God in New York


When I came out of the church building, the surroundings were also clean. I like it. I have been attended one of Presbyterian churches for years. Compared with the church I used to, they have more young adults. Today they extended warmhearted hospitality to me. I felt even fraternal affection. I would like to meet more members of WMSCOG. I will never forget today’s feeling for a long time. I think it made a good choice to visit here. So I will visit here again definitely.



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  1. This article remind me to my mom. She has always sacrificed for me but she never expressed her suffering. I have to say to mom today ” I love you so much”

  2. I also have been there. I remember their bright big smile ☺ too . I have good memory of there. I wanna visit there again.

  3. I remember the first time when I went to “Mother’s Love” art exhibition in WMSCOG. It was beautiful and touching. I cried so much thinking of my mother. I too will never forget that day and the feeling. Thank You Heavenly Father and Mother for Your love and sacrifice.

    • I agree with you!!! Mother’s Love Art Exhibition is amazing!! Actually when I went there, I can feel the love of grandma because some pictures has grandma in my position. But thru this I can feel the love and sacrifice of heavenly Father and Mother. So amazing!!

  4. A few days ago, I went to Mother’s Love Exhibition with my friend in my town. It was so impressive. Coming back to home, we talked lots of things about ‘mother’.

  5. I went to this exhibition, too. Many people there (including me) shed tears. It was so touching. Mother came to my mind so I called my mom when I went back home.

  6. Mother’s Love art exhibition is needed for everyone to see. Many people in this world nowadays are slowly forgetting what love is and only thinking of themselves. Especially the love and sacrifice our parents, our mother has been through.

  7. Mother’s Love Art Exhibition reminds us of the true love of our mothers.
    Through this event we can realize the love of our Heavenly Mother.

    • The exhibition was touching.
      It made me remind my mother’s love and I think the love is great.
      Furthermore, I could know heavenly mother’s love.
      Thanks to God the mother.
      It is a blessing to realize her and I hope people can know the love

  8. A few months ago, I also visited this exhibition with my friend. It was good. That day, I felt that mother’s love is beyond explanation.

  9. When I attended Mother’s love art exhibition, I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t imagine Mother’s sacrifice for me for a long time. I love mom.

  10. Through this exhibition I can realize all love in the world is come from God the Mother; She is the basic origin of all love ^^

  11. When I come to think of the word ‘mother’. I can percieve myself I connect two words, mother and sacrifice. Sometimes love. Except those how can we explain mother? There must be the reason people think like that. I think God has planned already we supposed to think and do like that.

    • Our spiritual eyes are covered with the veil of sin, so that we cannot see the things of the heaven. But occasionally transcends it to see heaven. I think this is the same.

  12. I was also invited this exhibition. After I looked around it, I was deeply moved and my tears fell from my eyes. I felt love of mother. and I came to realize that God the Mother exist through the bible. Just as physical mother give us the love and sacrifice, the love and sacrifice of spiritual Mother(God the Mother) are the most greatest.

  13. It was so impressed for me because I have a special memory of my mother. When I think my mom, I still shed my tears and feel thanks and sorry to her. Through this exhibition, I had a good time to remember my mother.
    I am grateful to WMSCOG for providing such a good opportunity.

  14. I also can’t forget my feeling when I visit the exhibition. The exhibition and church members are both very touching.

  15. ‘MOTHER’S LOVE ART EXHIBITION’ It was an excellent exhibition where I could once again feel the love and sacrifice of my mother.

  16. I went to this exhibition last month with my mother. She shed tears throughout the exhibition. I was very surprised because she always showed a strong image to me. Her mother gave the love to her as like my mother did to me. My mother learns mother’s heart from her mother. I will don’t forget mother’s love and I want to give back to my mother as much as I can.

  17. It reminds me of mother’s love. Through the exhibition I can feel not only how much my mother loves me but also Heavenly mother does.

  18. A few months ago, I joined this kind of exhibition with my family. It was so great and made me think of my childhood.

  19. People can also realize about God the Mother’s Love through Mother’s Love Art Exhibition. And it makes people happy.

  20. Hope every visitor in the exhibition should be able to realize the unconditional love of God the Mother through the love of physical mother.

  21. I decide to remain within Mother’s love whatever happens to me. all the prophecies of the Bible says to me, “You can do nothing apart from Elohim God!” Her great love will protect me from all things.

  22. Nowadays, people are so busy to feel mother’s love. When I feel mother’s love, it makes me brave. This kind of exhibition will be a refreshment to all of us.

  23. Mother herself is everything to her children. We could realize that how precious n important our Mother to us throughout the Writing n the Photos about Mother’s love n sacrifice n life. We have to respect our Physical Mother even God the Mother more who is the source of life n love

  24. In the world, so many kinds of exhibitions. But, not every exhibition gives us so deep impression like this. Mother’s Love exhibition reminds us of family, especially ‘mother’. We all are living today on mother’s great love.

  25. It’s impossible for me to measure mother’s love though I have a daughter. My mother’s sacrifices are beyond imagination. How much more Heavenly Mother’s love?

  26. I had been going to the Catholics, but after I had chance to visit there I became a member of church of god. Give thanks to God

  27. Today, Sabbath, the subject in the afternoon was about Mother’s Love. During worship, I felt that truly Mother’s love is so great to imagine its depth. I just gave thanks that Heavenly Mother loves me to come to this earth in the flesh. Heaven’s kingdom is full of happiness and all glory while the earth full of sorrows and pains. Nevertheless, She has come even for me!

  28. When I came to church of god, everything, members and buildings made me feel good.
    I really love to be with them.

  29. I anticipate this Mother’s Love Exhibition next month. I invited one of my friends. I want him to be comforted because he suffered many things recently.

  30. I took part in the exibition several times. However, whenever I look at the pictures and read the articles, I feel the great emotion in my heart because of the love of mother described in the exibition. I am reminded my own mother who has loved me all throughout her life. And also I come to realize the love of Heavenly Mother who gives great sacrifice for our salvation. Through this exibition I could think about my own family and felt more obligation for my parents to be a grateful son.

    • Considering mother’s love on the earth, I feel some of Heavenly Mother’s deep love. Whatever we say about Her love, we cannot describe Her love to the full. I just give all thanks to Heavenly Mother!

  31. People of WMSCOG is wonderful, since we are children of God the Father and God the Mother!
    I will always keep smile on my face in order to deliver warm heart of Mother to everybody!

  32. Next month, I’m going to this exhibition with my best friend. He is very busy, but promised to spare his time. He liked that the exhibition is about ‘Mother’s love’.

  33. We all are living on this earth where we can receive salvation! It’s Heavenly Mother’s grace. Without Her love, there’ll be no salvation at all. So deep!

  34. Mother’s love is always with me since I was born through baptism. Even I sleep, She loves me. Thanks to God the Mother to love me always!

  35. I hope many people to come to know the existence of God the Mother! Then, they will have the chance to return to heaven’s kingdom.

    • The same with me! If they come to know God the Mother’s coming in the flesh from the bottom of their hearts, their heart will be fluttered.This is the great mission of every member of the WMSCOG!

  36. I think that whoever visited this exhibition was reminded of mother’s sacrificial love. I want them to take one more step toward Heavenly Mother!

  37. Thanks to God the Mother to be with us, heavenly sinners who had committed grievous sins against You. I want to do what will please You!

    • Preaching the gospel to 7 billion people! This is truly what Heavenly Mother will be pleased. In season and out of season!

  38. To be with God the Mother on the earth is so important. We all come to die in the end. But, She came to us to lead all of us into eternal heaven’s kingdom. The living water flows from Her!

    • Truly God the Mother has come to the earth with everlasting love! Now is the time for us to show our loves toward Heavenly Mother!

  39. I hope to carry out my mission as a gospel worker of the new covenant. God’s prophecies of the Bible will be accomplished rapidly. I truly want to keep in step with them. Heavenly Mother’s glory will fill the whole world!

  40. I’ve attended this kind of exhibition last month with my friend. It was great for both me and him. I want him to be with me on the way to heaven’s kingdom!

  41. A few days ago, I met a man on the street and delivered the gospel of God the Mother! I hope to invite him to church for more learning about it. Thanks to Elohim God to allow me to have the chance to shine Elohim God’s glory.

  42. The opportunity to be saved? It’s receiving God the Mother in Zion! Every Church of God preaches this good news all over the world.

    • Right! God the Mother is the source of eternal salvation. We all need Her everlasting love for heaven’s kingdom.

  43. I am so pleased to hear the reviews of members like this. It helps me to remember my first visit in church of God.

  44. What a wonderful God the Mother came to the earth to save us! I want to seek heavenly families for Elohim God’s glory!

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  46. How blessed we are to have a chance to deliver the good news of God the Mother’s coming in the flesh to lost heavenly children! Day by day, season and out of season!

    • Whoever seizes this great opportunity will end up with eternal salvation! Of course, this opportunity is to be allowed only to heavenly children, not to everyone!

  47. My first impression of the WMSCOG was wonderful. Members of the WMSCOG was eager for preaching what they believe to other people!

    • I also want to be faithful to Heavenly Mother’s wishes! Lots of people are hearing Elohim God’s gospel and visiting the WMSCOG for learning the truths of life.

  48. People are going after what is perishable and temporary. But, I’m following the Spirit and the Bride for eternity! It’s Elohim God’s grace.

    • What is worse, they seem to love just themselves, being indifferent to other people. This exhibition will give a chance to love other people!

  49. It was really a great chance for me to realize the love of mother. And I could realize the source of that love, heavenly mother.
    It was really a nice time!

    • Nowadays, people are so busy enough to forget other people, even families! We all need the time to ponder on this problem!

    • Members of the WMSCOG possess bright smiles in their hearts. I’ve realized that their bright smile came from the Spirit and the Bride, who have come with living water!

  50. Thanks to Elohim God to make me live for heaven’s kingdom. My life was changed after receiving the Spirit and the Bride in the WMSCOG. It’s so wonderful!

  51. The love of heavenly mother given to all mothers on earth!
    The love is really great that we can not express with words.

  52. The message of Elohim God’s coming is being delivered to the world through many ways. More and more people are gathering in Zion!

    • I’ve received this heavenly gift from the Spirit and the Bride, a few years ago! It’s a miracle to find living way to eternal heaven’s kingdom opened by Heavenly Parents.

  53. Looking my mother I could easily feel the love of love of heavenly mother.
    I am so blessed to have known heavenly mother!

  54. When we write the word ‘mother’, we xan read as ‘love’. That much without love we cannot talk about mother. I had good memories of that exhibition wmscog too. I long for visiting again.

    • मैं परमेश्वर पर विश्वास करता हूँ। मैं स्वीकार करता हूं कि परमेश्वर ही मेरा एकमात्र परमेश्वर है, मैं विश्वास दिलाता हूं। कि मेरे पास चर्च ऑफ गाॅड से ही मोक्ष है। मुझे स्वर्ग की आशा है।

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