Recently I get a new hobby, which is to read the book, ‘Elohist’. Do you know what ‘Elohist’ is? Have you read that book? It’s really amazing and awesome. I cannot wait to introduce ‘Elohist’ to you, in providing the brief summary so that you can have the opportunity to understand it. It is my great pleasure to share my happy time with you and give the new information about it in WMSCOG. You will apparently feel healed, good and relaxed while reading it.

Elohist - WMSCOG Monthly magazine

Elohist – WMSCOG Monthly magazine



Basically ‘Elohist’ refers to the name which comes from Elohim in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and the term used in the Hebrew languages for Gods of a plural form, while an El or an Eloah are regarded as God of a singular form. So it is generally thought that Elohist are those who believe in Elohim God. Unfortunately most of Christianity is unfamiliar with this term, even though they believe in God and be confident they know God very well. You can notice that Elohist should be the ones who Elohim God acknowledge them and only they know God fully.


‘Elohist’ is, simply explaining, the monthly magazine published by WMSCOG and it features the variety of writings such as the literature with wonderful photos and illustrations; essay, short novel, children’s story, poem and lyrics of music, journals and cultural contents. Therefore it can be said of newspaper, magazine, photobook and beautiful storybook.
Elohist, the monthly magazine, is like a gift set to provide spiritual nutrition and lead you near to God. As a matter of fact, I was sick and tired of reading other magazines full of gossips and advertisements of goods and to draw people’s attention to money in order to be rich.


Let me talk about ‘Elohist’ in detail. It has local churches’ news from all over the world; there are 2,200 churches in 175 countries, through which you can get to know volunteer services such as environmental cleanups, disaster relief activities and blood drives the congregations are doing.
Also you can study the Bible with many scriptures in sermons and learn the scientific facts and the biblical terms explained precisely based on the Bible. Is that all? Surprisingly there are more. Elohist is made up of works of literature to nourish your soul with touching stories.
At the some point, you can find yourself meeting the true Elohim God.



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  1. Elohist are those who believe in Elohim God. Elohim is the plural form of El or Eloah, meaning “Gods.” According to the Bible, the WMSCOG members believes in Elohim God: God the Father and God the Mother who give us the water of life (Rev 22:17.)

  2. When I read ‘Elohist’, I feel that the world is getting full of Elohim God’s love. And, I hope to hear Zion’s fragrance in heaven’s kingdom with all brothers and sisters.

  3. Wow!! It’s amazing magazine for those who eargerly look forward to find God to enter the kingdom of heaven which is eternal!! I am so happy to come to know this good news for me. So I want to become Elohist who follow Elohim God; God the Father and Mother like the name of this magazine with all my heart for my real and eternal future.

  4. When I read the Elohist magazine, I feel that my brothers and sisters scattered all over the world, who believes in Elohim God our Father and Mother are one. Thank You ♡

  5. I became curious when my friend was reading elohist magazine beside me. And she explained to me the meaning of it. It is really amazing~ people who believe in Elohim God

  6. How lovely word, ‘Elohist’ it is! I’m so proud of being a member of Elohist, who is believing Elohim God as the Savior, entailing God the Father and God the Mother. If I don’t realize my Heavenly Parents of my soul in the Bible, I would not be dreaming of immense universe nor be going back home. Elohist, we, from all over the world is one united with love as the children of Elohim God.
    Do you think you are a Christian? If you so, you have to follow the teachings of Christ and acknowledge Him as a Savior to come to the earth in the form of human. I want to ask you again, “Do you think you are a Christian?” If you so, definitely you have to seek Elohim God, Who came to the earth in the flesh as prophesied in the Bible. Only if you acknowledge Them as the Savior, you can be the member of Elohist to be saved.

  7. A few days ago, I came across ‘Elohist’ in bus terminal. I hope someone to find heavenly treasure through that.

  8. I feel heartwarming whenever i read book ‘elohist’. I can find God the Mother and spiritual brothers-sisters’ love in this book ^^

  9. One day, I read the magazine, the Elohist. It was so touching story and made me have one mind as the elohist who believe in God the Mother as well as God the Father. Because They exist together, I think that I can feel more comfort and relief in both our heavenly Parents. I am so happy because I don’t belong to this terrible world any more after death thanks to Elohim God who leads us to eternal kingdom of heaven. I give all thanks and glory to Them!!!

  10. Elohist is the letter of heavenly family all over the world. When I read Elohist, I feel so comfortable and love of family. Give thanks to heavenly parents for giving us Elohist.

  11. Elohist are those who believe in Elohim God ; God the Father and God the Mother and their mission is to save seven billion people with the heart of Mother.

  12. Every time I read this book, my heart gets strength and impression. When I feel sad and tired, the fragrant of Zion(brother and sister’s story) make me feel excited and give me strength again.

  13. Elohist follows God the Father and God the Mother and through the magazine Elohist, we can meet heavenly children all around the world.

  14. Amen. We can know the news and fullfillment of propecies of the bible through the book ‘elohist’ . It is very gracious.

  15. Elohist magazine helps us to know the news of the church and the beliefs of other church members and get the truths which are related with our salvation.

  16. 2000 years ago, those who met God in the flesh are now in heaven’s kingdom. The Early Church members delivered the good news by preaching. But, now, the good news of Elohim God’s coming is being delivered in many ways. The magazine of ‘Elohist’ is one of them. You can truly meet Heavenly Parents!

  17. I like the photo of the cover. I look it for a while before I read ‘Elohist’. Sometimes, it leads me to deep thinking.

  18. This magazine represents elohists’ faith. God use this to connect each otherand encourage each other. Really beautiful.

  19. Whenever I read this book , ‘Elohist’ I feel like to recommend it to my family members. I hope my family to be all ELOHIST.

  20. There are many kinds of ways to deliver the gospel! One of them is using this ‘Elohist’. Some people take their first step toward Zion by the ‘fragrance of Zion’. And some by the truth of the Bible. It’s very useful!

  21. I presented this ‘Elohist’ to my friend last week. I hope him to have a chance to learn about the Spirit and the Bride who have come with the free gift of the water of life.

  22. Yesterday in Zion, I study the Bible with a man from Nepal. Over tea, I showed him ‘Elohist’. Before visiting the WMSCOG, he just understood that our church believes in the Spirit and the Bride according to the Bible. He said, “Great. I like voluntary works. I hope you invite me to this kind of good thing!” I replied, “All these good deeds come from God the Mother’s love. She always shows us the example of loving other people.”

  23. I presented this Elohist to my friends. And, made a promise to come to ‘Mother’s Love Exhibition’ next month.The cover is so beautiful!

  24. Through “Elohist” magazine, I can see true God. I’m happy for knowing the news of brothers and sisters every month.

  25. There are various news for Elohist who believe in Elohim -God the Father n God the Mother. We can read articles about the words of God n news for voluntary service and so on……….
    On reading a book, we can meet God thr it. Thank u

  26. Sometimes, I hear that someone received Heavenly Parents through ‘Elohist’. I like to read this book. Every month, I’m looking forward to reading fragrance of Zion in ‘Elohist’. Thanks to Elohim God.

  27. 성경에서 증거하는 성령과 신부되신 하나님을 일컫는 말 . 엘로힘.그리고 하나님을 올바로 깨달은 사람들이 보는 책 . 엘로히스트.
    만약 성령의 시대 이후에 또 다른 구원자가 계신다면 엘로히스트에 실린 내용들이 신 사도행전으로 쓰임받게 될 것 입니다. ^^

  28. Whenever I read this book ELOHIST, I feel God’s word alive and it seems like making my soul fresh. It is our spiritual food too we need to eat to survive until we go back to our heavenly home.

  29. After going to the church of God, I am always waiting for the Elohist every month. It gives me hope and happiness reading the news and fragrance of Zion from our members all over the world. Thanks to Elohim God!

  30. It is such a good time for me to read “Elohist”, which fills me with joy and happiness and leads me all the way to the heaven. How much thankful and grateful are Elohim God’s love and sacrifice!
    I’m so proud of being the member of God’d beloved children and share my blessing with all of you. GBU 🙂

  31. Theses days so many accidents happened around us. Unlike other magazines, “Elohist magazine” is full of good & happy news. So I got to like “Elohist”!!

  32. Exactly! Elohist is my favorite book ever. Whenever I feel depressed, I read Elohist and it makes me happy and healed. I want you to read the Elohist. Then, you will notice this book is different from other books. I think It’s because the book is about the stories of those who follow Elohim God, our God the Father, and God the Mother.

  33. सारा जीवन स्वर्गीय माता के द्वारा दिया जाता है, जो जीवन के जल का स्रोत है। आइए हम चर्च ऑफ गाॅड में आएं जहां स्वर्गीय माता, जीवन का स्रोत, हैं और उद्धार पाएं।

  34. whenever I read the Elohist, I feel like being in heaven with God and my loving brothers and sisters 🙂
    It gives me a strength and courage while earthly life

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