Jerusalem Mother and Us

What is related between Jerusalem Mother and our future? She is our mother. From now on let’s find out about it.

Gal 4:26  But the Jerusalem that is above (heaven) is free, and she is our mother. (NIV)

What if we were born from beggar parents? Or millionaires, queen? From the beginning, our lives are already chosen many parts by circumstances we cannot choose. Likewise, our spiritual future depends on our spiritual Mother specially.

 Jerusalem Mother changes our Future

There is the one who changes our future of death to life. She is Jerusalem Mother, our God the Mother testified in the Bible. She is true Mother who will let us free from death. Now the life of God the Father has come out to God the Mother. So, many people who have ideas until now ‘God only exists as Father’ are very surprised and coming to the truth of Jerusalem Mother. Let’s see one story.

King Solomon’s Judge teaches us about true mother

Solomon's Judge teaches us true mother - Jerusalem mother

Solomon’s Judge teaches us true mother – Jerusalem mother

King Solomon is famous for wisdom. Have you ever heard of any cases of his wise judge?  There is just only one case recorded in bible. This story is about ‘True mother and false mother’ (1 King 3:16~28) True mother leads him to life and  false mother leads him to death in conclusion. King Solomon has wisdom of the truth, ‘true mother never let her baby die’. If we were that baby we would give great thanks to King Solomon to meet a true mother. Then who is true mother to us for giving eternal life?

Jerusalem Mother has come for us at last

She will appear with eternal life at the last age according to prophecies. She will give eternal life and change our future, death to life. (Jn 6:39, Rev 19:7, Rev 22.17)

We will be eternal kings in kingdom of heaven being free from sin and death thanks to Jerusalem Mother. (Rev 22.5)  Queen of kingdom of heaven is our Mother, then what kind of future is waiting for us? Dear those who don’t know the identity of heavenly one, please come to Heavenly Mother and receive the promise of eternal life. (1Jn 2:25) Who are we? We are children of Jerusalem Mother!



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  1. Jerusalem Mother is the hidden secret in the Bible. Recognizing Her is to be done by all of us above all things. God the Father came in the flesh 2,000 years ago. Now, God the Mother has also come in he flesh dwelling in Zion!

  2. Because we are children of Jerusalem Mother, our destiny is changed!!
    Eternal life!! How great it is!! Amazing! I give all thanks and glory to Jerusalem Mother!!

  3. I believe in Jerusalem Mother. I’m sure that my future will be brighter then ever because She prays for us. All thanks to Jerusalem Mother for allowing me to have eternal life and to enter the kingdom of heaven.

    • God the Mother has come as the light in the dark world so we could see our brighter future. In Her, I feel comfort and love. I give all thanks to Mother who grants me eternal life and glory.

    • I also believe in heavenly mother. She is our savior.
      I really hope many people can believe and follow her.
      God taught we must be the children of heavenly mother.
      She is our future. Thus we should preach her to the world.
      Let’s be Elohim God’s children and enter the kingdom of heaven!

  4. Jerusalem Mother is not the city of Israel in Palestine. She is our-spiritual mother of heaven. Without Her we cannot have eternal life to go back to our home, kingdom of heaven. Really amazing apostle Paul had seen this prophecy of Heavenly Mother 2000 years ago.

  5. Now, I’m living a new life after receiving Jerusalem Mother! God the Mother came to the earth and sought my soul when I was wandering in the darkness of death!

  6. God the Mother definitely exists, She has come on the earth from heaven and now she is with us. We had destiny to die due to our sins in heaven. But she changed our destiny and gave us eternal life. Those who believe in God the Mother and receive her can receive eternal life and enter the kingdom of heaven.

    • Amen! If we believe in God the Mother and follow Her, we will get the eternal life and go backing to the kingdom of heaven.

  7. From the creation of the world, father and mother allowed us to be children of God. Finally, I have met my true mother. Amazing Grace of God!

  8. The Scriptures clearly testify about the existence of God the Mother (Gal 4:26; Rev 22:17; Ge 1:26-27 and so many others.) We should seek and believe in God the Mother in this age to receive the water of life (Rev 22:17.)

  9. Heavenly Mother’s coming in the flesh to the earth is the great opportunity for all of us, who are destined to die. Without Her everlasting love? Then, whatever we do, it will be of no use! Thanks to Elohim God to love us so much!

  10. Death is the destiny of all people in the world. We could not avoid death neither before we met Heavenly Mother. Through Heavenly Mother’s love & sacrifice, we can receive eternal life. Thanks to Heavenly Mother with all my heart!!

    • कृपया स्वर्गीय माता के पास आएं और अनंत जीवन का वादा प्राप्त करें। हम कौन हैं? हम यरूशलेम माता की सन्तान हैं! इसलिए चर्च ऑफ गाॅड में आइए।

  11. Heavenly Jerusalem has come to the earth with living water. We all have to return someday. Before the day comes, we are to prepare for heaven’s kingdom. Above all, receiving eternal life from God the Mother!

  12. I also want to go to heaven. Meeting true mother is the condition of going there or not…true mother has come to the earth in person in flesh just like Jesus.

  13. Heavenly Mother’s coming in the flesh is a great opportunity for all of us, who are destined to die. She is the source of eternal life and happiness. In this age, salvation comes from Her love!

  14. I’m so happy that I have Heavenly Mother to give me eternal life. When I studied the Bible, I was surprised that, through Heavenly Mother, all people who live in this world can be save and enter the Kingdom of heaven. That’s why Heavenly Mother must appear in the last days we live for our salvation. I truly give thanks to Heavenly Mother .

    • I like and love my mother so much!! Her sacrifice for me and love are so amazing!! If even physical relationship as shadow of heaven is so, How great Heavenly Mother’s love and sacrifice are!! I am so happy to meet and accept Heavenly Mother, too!!

  15. Life is given by mother. it’s quite obvious. Likewise our physical life is given by physical mothers, our spiritual life is also given by our spiritual Mother. In order to receive eternal life, we must find heavenly Mother.

    • Absolutely!! Without mother, no one can have life when we see the all creatures. When God created everything, He put His will on everything.(Rev. 4:11) So we have spiritual Mother who gives eternal life, changes our destiny.

  16. Even though we were destinated to be die, knowing and receiving God the Mother our destiny has been changed. What a good news… !
    Thx to heavenly Mother.

  17. I am so thankful that God the Mother allows me the forgiveness of sins with Her grace and love. I have not heard that earthly family system is a copy and shadow of heavenly one. God concealed the secret of salvation in the shadow of this earth. Just like we receive our physical life from our physical mother, only our spiritual Mother can give us an eternal spiritual life. Thanks to God the Mother.

    • Exactly!! When we see this world, we cannot deny the existence of Heavenly Mother who grants us eternal life for allowing us to the kingdom of heaven. Thanks to Heavenly Mother!!

  18. The Bible testified about Jerusalem Mother. According to prophecies, She appeared at the last age and give eternal life all mankind. Please come to Heavenly Mother and become children of promise!♡

  19. In this age, God the Father has come a second time in this age. Through the life of God the Father, God the Mother come out to the whole world. In this age, Father let us know that we can receive eternal life from God the Mother. So we, the children of God the Mother, should receive our Mother for preparing the kingdom of heaven.

  20. Amen. Through the king Solomom’s judge, God let us know our true God the mother. Without mother, no life. Thanks to mother to come to this earth for us.

  21. Just like Solomon, we should let people know the true Mother who can give us salvation. Let us shine the light of salvation coming from God the Mother so that people living in the darkness can see the light and come to Mother.

  22. Mother. how can I say thank you enough for comping down to this earth and still be with us? you so patiently waiting for us to be changed into the heavenly nature even at this moment. I will be your children who can repay your grace and love by putting your word into action.

  23. Thanks to Heavenly Mother, I come to inherit the kingdom of heaven according to the prophecy in the Bible. Through Spiritual Mother I can receive eternal life and endless love. I am soooo happy to come to have this blessings. Thanks to Elohim God!!

  24. Amen. She is real mother apiritually to us. To save us, she came to this earth without hesitatation. Thanks to mother to give me your love.

    • It’s very natural fact!! In mother’s arm, I feel comfort. Likewise, I want to feel comfort always in Heavenly Mother’s arm.

  25. The Bible testifies about the Savior in detail so we can understand our God through the words of God in the Bible. The story of Solomon makes us know the existence of God the Mother. How amazing it is! There is God the Mother who has love towards Her children!! I am so happy to know it!!

  26. I give thanks and glory to Heavenly Mother
    for You change our fate to live forever and lead us eternal blessings!!
    Love You, Mother, forever!!

  27. Amen! God the Mother did change our future from death to eternal life. While living in this sinful world, God the Mother always cares for Her children and leads them to the right way to the Kingdom of Heaven. We should have firm faith in God the Mother. Because She is the only hope for eternal life. I give eternal thanks and honor to God the Mother and God the Father for their love and sacrifice.

  28. Think of our parents, who brought our lives into this world for us. If I told my father that I was born thanks to one mother, I would be sad. However, even if I told my mother that I was born thanks to one father, I would still be disappointed. The truth is, don’t we exist only when you two are together? He created the family system on this earth to show us the principle of the birth of our souls. Without Heavenly Mother, perfect salvation is impossible.

  29. The love of heavenly Mother has saved me. In spite of evil’s scheme of Satan, I can have a hope for heavenly kingdom through everlasting love and sacrifice of God the Father and God the Mother.

  30. Children of God have God the Father and God the Mother who give us eternal life. People who deny God the Mother can be be saved.

  31. To know and believe in God the mother will change our future.
    She is the owner of the eternal life and only she can give us it.
    Jerusalem Mother has come for us at last and thus, we have to come to her.
    The bible tells us about her to make us realize her when she comes.
    I really hope many people try to follow god the mother and can receive the eternal life.

  32. Salvation in the last age depends on realizing and accepting Heavenly Mother. All life is ultimately destined to come from the mother.

  33. Meeting Heavenly Mother intrinsically changed the destiny of the soul. Just as we found the real mother of the baby through King Solomon’s wise judgment, we can only survive when we meet the real Mother of our soul, the Jerusalem Mother, and receive eternal life to live in heaven. The moment we meet the false mother, she doesn’t care whether we live or die because she havs no interest in our lives.

  34. God the Mother place the life of God’s children more importance on than other things. Our futures will be depending on God the Mother who fights against Satan.

  35. I sincerely thank Heavenly Jerusalem Our Mother, who left all the glory of heaven behind and came down to this earth to give eternal life to the children of heaven and lead them to salvation.

  36. Por la Madre de Jerusalén, nos hemos convertido en hijos de la promesa de salvación. Agradezco a la Madre Celestial por darnos amor y vida.

  37. कृपया स्वर्गीय माता के पास आएं और अनंत जीवन का वादा प्राप्त करें। हम कौन हैं? हम यरूशलेम माता की सन्तान हैं!

  38. God has clearly testified that the Mother of our souls exists through the Bible and all things.
    As a spiritually ignorant heavenly sinner, I sincerely thank God for giving me the grace to realize God the Mother, the last secret, and to be blessed as a child of Heavenly Mother.

  39. No one can go back to heaven without receiving the water of life from God. God granted us the Bible which has a big secret who will give us the water of life, namely eternal life. It is the Spirit and the Bride who are saviors in the age of holy spirit. Many misunderstand the Bride is saints or church but Bible proves the bride is our heavenly mother through prophecies of the Galatians and the Revelation. Do you have any brave to deny these prophecies about heavenly mother. We should receive the Spirit and the Bride, God the Father and God the Mother for salvation.

  40. We can be the children of promise when we believe in God the Mother as well as God the Father. God the Mother has come to give us the water of life according to the prophecies of the Bible (Revelation 22:17.)

  41. We committed great sins in heaven and were casted down to this earth. Even though we destined to die, God the Mother who has come to this earth to change our destiny. I give all thanks and honor to Her forever and ever.

  42. God the Mother who will change our future
    I am truly grateful to God the Mother
    Because you came to this earth to change my future
    I am truly grateful to God the Mother for changing the path from hell to the path to heaven~!!!

  43. In fact, we are sinners who committed sins in heaven and were cast out to this earth.
    We can realize that we can never return to heaven without God’s grace. Christ Ahnsahnghong came to this earth in the flesh to restore the New Covenant in order to let us know about God the Mother who directly grants us eternal life. Without the appearance of God the Mother, no one can expect eternal life or heaven. God the Mother came to this earth to find us, sinners, and opened the way for us to go back to heaven.
    I give all thanks and praises with all my heart to God the Mother for saving us.

  44. I didn’t know there were so many teachings about mothers in the Bible. Looking at the content, I feel like God the mother really exists. Thank you for telling. me more about God the mother. And thanks to our God the mother for being with us. I won’t forget this fact. I will practice my mother’s love.

  45. Our destination has been changed since we met Jerusalem Mother.
    Heavenly Mother gives us eternal life and eternal happiness

  46. God the Mother is the one who changes our future of death to life.
    Without believing God the Mother we cannot go to kingdom of Heaven.
    Let us believe in God the Father as well as God the Mother.

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