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Nowadays people say they feel most comfortable when they are alone but in fact they are lonely. They really want to know how to make their family harmonious. To make it, Some say they need conversation each other and respecting and listening to others. While I was searching about family matter in youtube I met wmscogtube.com. So I would like to share very useful information.

  • World Mission Society Church of God HARMONIOUS FAMILY IN WMSCOGTUBE.COM

In wmscogtube.com, I could see some good videos about harmonious family.  The title is ‘My family was changed through God the Mother’s love(WMSCOG)‘ This is Magdalena’s story. Before attending the World Mission Society Church of God, she didn’t have good relationships with her family, and they never really talked to each other. Through her younger sister they began to talk and then learn how to practice the teachings of Christ.



After that, I’ve met another video about a harmonious family. They are talking about their harmonious family is made through Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother’s teachings. They are all so satisfied with WMSCOG. In them, some important messages exist. That is ‘Heavenly Mother’s teaching’. They love each other and look very happy. They relationship look very harmonious. So, I wanted to share their teachings.

Among Teachings of Mother, some of them I touched as below;

It is more blessed to give love than to receive, as God always gives love … A beautiful mind has no hate, and brings forth a perfect love. …When we praise brothers and sisters, the praise returns to us. As the sea receives all the dirt and purifies it, we should have a broad and beautiful mind enough to cover up even the fault of our brothers and sisters…

For Harmonious family – Teaching of Mother

For Harmonious family – Teaching of Mother

I am really really touched of that beautiful teachings of Mother. I think I can make the harmonious family if I follow that teachings. Now I begin to practice some teachings already. First, I tried to praise to my sisters. Then everything is changed. We came to look at each other with smiling eyes. We came to have conversations with happiness, Thanks to teachings of Mother. If anybody tries, many can understand why World Mission Society Church of God members have harmonious family.


I think if we follow teaching of mother, then ‘We can make it!’



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  1. This article makes me smile. The harmonious family and society these are our dream, aren’t they? This will be the way to have one. I will try!

    • If I do my best according to the teachings of Mother, my and our dream will come true!! Because the teachings of Mother is the key!!

  2. After attending the World Mission Society Church of God, my family became more harmonious than before. I always try to live by the teachings of Mother.

    • It happened to me, too.
      My family is very happy to be the members of Church of God, and we are very happy and harmonious through Mother’s teaching. I think we are very blessed.

  3. I experienced same in my family!
    My mom has changed and become kind and looked so happy everyday since she started to attend the WMSCOG.
    So I was interested in the church and have been attending together with all my family.
    Thanks to Elohim God for giving harmony and true love to my family.

  4. Indeed! Following the Teachings of Mother gives us happiness~ I will do my best to keep and obey the Teachings of Mother and lead my family to a more harmonious family~ Thank You Heavenly Mother for truely loving us

  5. “Teachings of Mother” is so great!!
    If I follow the teachings, I think I can change my family so happy. I’ll try~!!

  6. I have no idea to have harmonious mood with my parents and sisters. I ‘ve got some tips from this article. Thanks. But I know it needs many efforts. WMSCOG has beautiful teaching !

  7. Someone says ‘FAMILY’ as ‘Father and Mother I Love You’ in a playful manner. I agree with that idea. Even if he is a member of a certain family, but he doesn’t love his father and mother, or his brother and sister, the name – FAMILY – will lose its meaning. In terms of this idea, the members of WMSCOG are true family and we are worth to be called each other as ‘brother’ and ‘sister’. Furthermore we are happier in WMSCOG than before, having the Heavenly Parents; God the Father and and God the Mother, and being called ‘beloved God’s children’.

  8. WMSCOG is the heavenly family which is related through God’s blood and flesh. Therefore we love each other and feel so happy and comfortable together.

  9. Really great!! Nothing can replace the love of family!! Our heavenly family let us realize the importance of family and love both physically and spiritually. I will do my best to follow Teachings of Mother in order to make up more harmonious family thank before.

    • Heavenly Mother’s love? It’s so deep and everlasting! Above all, She has come to the earth leaving behind all glories to seek and to save Her lost children. Who on earth can describe Her love?

  10. Elohim God’s love is so deep enough to make us united with love. Heavenly Mother’s love will melt away what was frozen in the past.

  11. There are so many events for families held by WMSCOG, which wants to help participating families foster better relationships and share love one another. WMSCOG aims for happy, harmonious and loving families according to the Teachings of Mother. I also had joyful experiences with my family. Why don’t you join us?

  12. The Bible teaches that we have Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother and we are heavenly children. Elohim God always lead us to be polite one another. Within Elohim God’s love we can be united.

  13. Today Sabbath, I felt Heavenly Mother’s love through heavenly brothers and sisters in Zion. I also want to do the same to brothers and sisters!

  14. Sisters and brothers in church of God showed me examples of sharing love, so I learned to love them day by day.

  15. How great that there exists heavenly family! Now is the time to seek Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother before the day comes when we have to return!

  16. We can do nothing for ourselves. We cannot even love ourselves. However, within Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother we can be united! It’s wonderful!

  17. Elohim God have come to the earth to teach us heavenly love! When we learn this with all my heart, there’ll be the living way before us!

  18. It will be rewarded when we are faithful to the Spirit and the Bride. A bright smile, understanding, and so on. Elohim God have set us examples that we should do!

  19. ‘Harmonious family’! Whoever belonging to this family smiles a bright smile from the bottom of their heart. Within the Spirit and the Bride, we can have this family.

    • Thanks to Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother to bless us with heavenly blessing! We’ll follow the examples from You with all our hearts!

    • Truly, it’s only Elohim God who can do this great thing! The love from Heavenly Parents has the power to change ourselves to be united.

  20. God allowed my whole family to be in church of God.
    It can not be compared with any other things on the earth! Thanks to father and mother!

  21. Day by day I can see myself changing to have a better character. I want to resemble mother.Thanks to father and mother.

  22. I hope my family will also come to Zion! I have never been to a place like this. Thanks to father and mother

  23. Belonging to a harmonious family is God’s grace. Elohim God teach us to love one another to be united.

  24. When we listen to Elohim God’s teachings with all our hearts, there’ll be harmony with family members. Trying first to give love is so good for harmony.

  25. My family also has found true love in WMSCOG. My family had many changes in God. I’m so happy and I give thanks to God the Father and God the Mother.

  26. I am also happy to live according to Heavenly Mother’s teachings.
    At first, it was difficult to put into practice according to Heavenly Mother’s instructions, but now it has become much easier.
    I am truly grateful to God who is always with me.

  27. Beautiful teachings of Mother! I am also moved by WMSCOG family’s story. We can be harmonious through the teachings of God.
    God is love and He wants us not only to enter the Kingdom of Heaven but also to live in a harmonious family on this earth. I give eternal thanks and honor to God the Father and God the Mother.

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